LSA 54.2

2900 - 5200 kVA

Leroy-Somer LSA 54.2

LSA 54 industrial alternator

High performance and reliable industrial alternator for all types of generator sets

LV (H/40°C) 3500 – 5200 kVA*
MV (F/40°C) 3200 – 5000 kVA
HV (F/40°C) 2900 – 4500 kVA
Voltage 400 - 480V
Poles 4
Speed 1500 - 1800 rpm
Shaft height 500 mm
Max efficiency 97.5 %
Excitation AREP + PMI
Regulation D550

* kVA/50Hz - kW/60Hz
(Discrepancies may occur, consult catalogue for exact figures)


Data centers
Data center
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Industrial application
Powerplant application
Marine application


The LSA Series industrial alternators are built for performance and intensive use.

They are engineered to withstand the test of time and extreme conditions, sourcing the best materials and focusing on sturdy construction.

LSA alternators are also highly customizable and can be adapted to fit any specification.

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  • Options
    • Different voltages available.
    • Space heater.
    • Winding protection for harsh environments and relative humidity above 95%.
    • Specific cable outlet.
    • Temperature detectors.
    • Remote Voltage Trimmer.
    • Filters on air inlet: derating 5%.
    • Filters on air inlet and air outlet (derating 10%).
    • Shaft height on demand.
    • Customizable painting color.
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