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Leroy-Somer offers online educational resources covering a broad range of electric power generation topics.

Training Opportunities

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Webinars On-Demand

View Leroy-Somer's current on-demand Webinars, including:

"Voltage Ragulators" The Key to Genset Performance and Protection

"Testing 1 2 3..." The "What, How and Why" of Generator Testing

"Find Your Bearings" An examination of design features of common generator bearings as well as practices for proper maintenance and minimal vibration.

"Generator Jargon" An examination of key electrical terms and how these characteristics affect generator design and testing.

"Properly Sizing Your Generator" Ensuring trouble-free and efficient generator operation.


GenSchool Shorts

GenSchool Shorts is a new informational short-video series exploring a wide variety of power-gen topics.

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