Properly Sizing Your Generator

Ensuring trouble-free and efficient generator operation

Properly Sizing Your Generator

Ensuring trouble-free and efficient generator operation.

Power generation is needed in an endless variety of locations and environments, with each installation having different factors affecting generator requirements.  Incorrect generator sizing can be disastrous in any power generation project if particular installation factors are not properly taken into account.

This webinar will introduce common factors that can affect your power supply, and will explain why the correct sizing of your generator is essential to producing the best results.  You will gain a better understanding of how winding pitch, temperature rise, altitude, harmonics and other factors affect your end power solution.  The webinar will also discuss different agency standards and how these requirements determine generator size as well.

Understanding all mechanical and electrical considerations that factor into properly sizing a generator is key to ensure trouble-free and efficient generator operation.  Sign up to watch Properly Sizing Your Generator to make sure your future power generation projects are properly planned.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how environmental factors can affect your power generation solution.
  • Learn how different types of enclosures affect generator sizing.
  • Know what data is required for proper machine sizing.



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