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After two successful seasons, we’re back with more sessions to dive deep into alternator technologies and key features. Our experts are here again to answer your questions and provide first-hand experience on each topic.

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Electrical sizing – understanding all parameters and maximize performance and longevity
We will share with you the key for a better understanding of all parameters to size perfectly the machine and maximize the performance & longevity.

GenOSys, the power generation assets monitoring and optimization
We will share with you how this flexible asset management tool will monitor, track, and alerts end-users with key data regarding power system performance.

Leroy-Somer LSA 47.3 product launch
Our hosts will guide you through everything you need to know about this new product, and will answer your question.

AVRs explained
Regulators are the brain inside the alternator. Get a better understanding of their operation, parameters and features to avoid any error.

EasyReg Advanced overview
This software dedicated to our digital AVR ranges gives you access to dozens of parameters and settings to adapt power regulation to your application needs. We will provide a first look to get you started!

Excitation Systems
Excitation systems are at the heart of alternator technology. Choosing the right excitation system involves both a good knowledge of how an alternator works, but also a good understanding of how it will be used throughout its life cycle. Auxiliary windings, permanent magnets, remanence, starting kVA ... find out what is behind these words!

Protection Systems
Alternators can be exposed to a wide range of external aggressions: humidity, corrosion, heat, dust ... In these situations, it is essential to correctly choose the protection system that will maintain the integrity of the machine throughout its lifecycle.

TAL and LSA alternator ranges
A complete overview of our flagship products to give you a better understanding on their key differences and common features, so that you can easily decide which one to pick !

Temperature Rise & Insulation
Strike the right balance to maximize the life length of your alternator and optimize your investment.

Offshore Oil and Gas applications
Based on a century of experience, Nidec Leroy-Somer has developed reliable and safe solutions to satisfy all the strictest requirements of the oil and gas demands of the major EPC’ (Engineering procurement & construction companies) and OEM (original equipment manufacturers). They will now share with you what are the main specifications and environmental constraints of these applications.

Voltage Regulators: The Key to Genset Performance and Protection
Voltage regulators are the heart of generator performance, reliability, and safety.  Understanding the function, optimal set points, and modes of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) and Digital Voltage Regulators (DVRs) is crucial in ensuring the proper operation of any genset as well as offering protection to overloading.



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Nidec Leroy-Somer Talks webinars

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