SR Drives

SR Drives

Nidec SR Drives Ltd (NSRDL) is a leading engineering and technology provider in the field of advanced electrical machines and drive systems, with a focus on switched reluctance technology. The company pioneered the development, application and commercialization of switched reluctance technology under its SR Drive® trademark and is now the world leader in this domain. Our SR Drive® systems deliver superior performance and efficiencies without the use of permanent magnets or rare-earth materials.

The company, established in 1980, has its foundations in fundamental research conducted at two leading UK universities - Leeds and Nottingham. We bring three decades of dedication and experience in collaborating with our customers to deliver exceptional value in new product development and technology upgrades.

Nidec SR Drives Ltd. undertakes research, development, prototyping, and licensing of switched reluctance SR Drive® technology and other advanced electrical drive systems across a wide spectrum of applications ranging from few watts to several megawatts. These applications include but are not limited to:

  • Traction
  • Industrial & Mining
  • Appliance & Consumer
  • Motion Control
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Our sister divisions and group companies can provide manufacturing for these motors & drive systems worldwide. In 2010, we became part of Nidec Corporation to combine innovative and cutting-edge technologies, worldwide manufacturing ($9B), and optimized supply chains for you, our customers. As a strategic component of Nidec Corporation, our team accesses resources of the world’s leading motor company to deliver resounding wins for our customers. Contact us and let us help create your next success. Visit

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