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At Kato Engineering, we are proud of our 93-year tradition of innovative design and manufacturing excellence. We employ over 400 people in our state-of-the-art 350,000 sq-foot facility in Mankato, Minnesota, with in-house research & development, testing, and design engineering.
Our ruggedly constructed generators have survived the harshest environments, and our commitment to meeting customer needs has made the Kato name synonymous with dependable power generation worldwide.


Extend the life of your KATO or Leroy-Somer generator 

Strong processes and stringent quality checks return worn, end-of-life alternators to a like-new state with comparable performance.

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Kato Remanufacturing

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Diverse Motor Products Spanning the Globe

The NMC product line features a full line of high efficiency motors, large and small, which serve Industrial, residential, and commercial markets in the following applications:
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An overview promo video of Kato Engineering produced in December 2017.

Kato Engineering Generator Remanufacturing

We offer cost-effective remanufacturing services to help you extend the useful life cycle of your alternator.

Industries Served

Kato Engineering generators power a wide variety of industries and applications.
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