A complete range of digital regulators for your upgrades

Nidec Leroy-Somer offers a unique range of digital regulators with a permanent excitation current up to 20 A.

A complete range of digital regulators for your upgrades

MAR 12, 2020

Always find the right regulator to fit your real needs.

A unique and user-friendly software platform for configuring regulators

Thanks to the Leroy-Somer alternators database integrated into the EasyReg Advanced software, the regulator configuration is very simple and accessible at all technical levels. The interface is identical for the three digital controllers, which greatly facilitates any transition.

Regulators compatible with all types of alternators

Our range of digital regulators can be used on any alternator brand and our technical support team can help to adapt the configuration of the regulator to achieve optimal performance.



Up to 5 A


Up to 8 A


Up to 20 A

Advanced features

  • Protections and fault management to monitor the alternator and prevent premature failures
  • Event and data logging to monitor the conditions of use of the alternator over time and help identify best practices
  • Grid code compatibility, a key feature to sustain the electrical network in the event of an LVRT or HVRT fault.
  • Prime mover aid features to significantly improve the performances and longevity of generator sets.

The sharing of information between the digital regulator and the drive system controller improves facilities operations. This is made possible thanks to the different communication protocols that are embedded on our digital controllers such as CANBus, CanOpen, Modubus and Profibus.

All our digital controllers are compatible with the Leroy-Somer GenOSysTM online predictive maintenance system. This remote monitoring system uses algorithms to detect parameters deviations, allowing you to make decisions to limit the financial impact of unplanned outages.


Why wait? Retrofit is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from the advantages of digital AVR features in your current installation. The immediate benefit is a better knowledge on your installation performances and health level, which allows you to optimize your maintenance plan.

We are carrying out more and more regulator updates to switch from analog to digital, as we did for example on the Saran waste-to-energy site near Orléans, France.

Nidec Leroy-Somer AVR upgrade before / after

Our  R630 regulator is not at the end of its life. It is still sold for specific applications such as nuclear. Its digital version exists (the D630) but it is not connectable: this is why we recommend upgrading your regulator with the D700 which is connectable and compatible with GenOSys, our connected remote monitoring solution. Switching to D700 will give you access to all the advantages of digital.

Thanks to our new range of digital AVR and all their new advanced features we strongly recommend to migrate from the old range to this new one.

For regulators R438, R450, R449, D610, D630, we strongly recommend that our customers purchase “Last Time Buy” spares to build/reinforce their safety stock before June 30th, 2020. Beyond this date, we will not guaranty the availability of these products.

For regulator D510, we recommend that our customers proceed with purchasing “Spares safety stock” in preparation to the end of the production stage.

Our service team will be delighted to assist you to assess your needs and define your safety stock. The AVR life cycle below gives an overview of our AVR ranges process from engineering development stage until the end of life of the AVR. 

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