Tractelec - Agricultural alternator

Tractor PTO generator for backup power in farms

Tractelec : Tractor PTO generator

Tractelec : Tractor PTO generator

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TRACTELEC, PTO Generator, is designed to protect your farm in the event of a power cut.

It is easily transportable thanks to its three-point fitting system, TRACTELEC quickly connects to your tractor hitch and PTO.
In only a few minutes, you get emergency power supply for all your installations, in three-phase or single-phase.

TRACTELEC, agricultural alternator, is suitable for most tractors on the market. It is compatible with category 1 or 2 three-point hitch systems for a shaft output power up to 92 kW.
Thanks to its adjustable differential switch, TRACTELEC adapts to your needs to provide the right electric current to your equipment, without interruption.
Total safety: in the event of a load impact, TRACTELEC automatically limits the voltage to preserve the tractor engine. Protective circuit breakers complete the safety of the system.
IP 44 otpion is available to offer higher protection.
Nidec Leroy-Somer has been supplying energy production systems to the agricultural world for over 30 years.
With TRACTELEC, you are sure to have the right equipment with a proven, robust and durable design.

Convenient for :

  • Refrigeration systems (tanks, cold rooms)
  • Pumping or Ventilation Operations
  • Heating, lighting, conveying, milking ...

Tractelec PTO Generators  - Agricultural Alternator highlights

Tractelec PTO Generators  / Agricultural Alternator advantages

Tractelec PTO Generators  : Agricultural Alternator advantages

Tractelec tractor PTO generator brochureTRACTELEC, the tractor PTO generator, is your farming insurance

All products in the Tractelec range are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects, subject to the conditions of use stipulated in the instructions.
Tractelec can also be used as an auxiliary power source for work in places without connection to the mains:

  • Pumping / draining
  • Shelter construction
  • Milking in the meadow
  • Welding
  • Etc.

  • Downloads
  • Key features
    • 1 single-phase plug male + female (2P + T): 230 V
    • 1 three-phase plug male + female (3P + N + T): 400 V
    • Four-pole thermal protection circuit breaker
    • Single Phase thermal protection circuit breaker
    • Differential protection switch 30 mA
    • IP 44 otpion is available to offer higher protection
    Voltmeter and frequency meter visible from the tractor.
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