PTO generator for backup power in farms

Tractelec tractor PTO generator

Tractelec LSA 42.3Tractelec plugs on tractors with at least 30 HP engines to generate clean, efficient power. Generate electricity to power farm tools when far from a power source, or use it as a backup power source for your home during a power outage

Tractelec quickly connects to the power take-off (PTO) of your tractor thank to its three-point chassis. In a matter of minutes, you will get backup power for all your installations, in three-phase or single-phase.

Convenient for :
  • Refrigeration systems (tanks, cold rooms)
  • Pumping or Ventilation Operations
  • Heating, lighting, conveying, milking ...

TRACTELEC, your farming insurance

All products in the Tractelec range are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects, subject to the conditions of use stipulated in the instructions.

Tractelec can also be used as an auxiliary power source for work in places without connection to the mains:
  • Pumping / draining
  • Shelter construction
  • Milking in the meadow
  • Welding
  • Etc.

  • Downloads
  • Key features


    • 1 single-phase plug male + female (2P + T): 230 V
    • 1 three-phase plug male + female (3P + N + T): 400 V


    • Four-pole thermal protection circuit breaker
    • Single Phase thermal protection circuit breaker
    • Differential protection switch 30 mA

    Readers: 1 voltmeter + 1 frequency meter visible from the tractor.

    Power take-off speed: 429 rpm

    Alternator speed: 1500 rpm

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