VTHR range

100 - 3900 kVA

VTHR range

Leroy-Somer VTHR hydro generatorThe VTHR (Vertical Tubular Hydro) range by Leroy-Somer is perfectly calibrated for small hyd

The Leroy-Somer Vertical Tubular Hydro Range has been designed for small hydro plants looking for compact & reliable equipment.

Balanced construction

The steel welded construction of the tubular reinforces the overall structure, and together with the flat brackets design guarantees a compact, stable product.

As a result, all VTHR products Balancing Class is G1 according to ISO 1940.

Controlled Performance

The VTHR products have been optimized for the specific constraints of small hydro environments.

  • Close monitoring of speed and heating through built-in sensors
  • The D510C digital AVR allows for precise fine-tuning of operational parameters
  • Vibration sensing can also be included as an option

Clever commissioning

At your request, the alternator can be fitted with a special device that facilitates uplifting operations. This simple approach was first introduced by Leroy-Somer and allows to put the alternator in vertical position with just one lifting device.


VTHR commissioning 


Key Data

Power Range 100 - 3 300 kVA (50 Hz)
Voltage 400 - 690 V
Insulation Class H
Temp. Rise Class F - Class B
Regulation D510c Digital AVR
Efficiency Up to 95.5%
Excitation AREP + PMI


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