West Bengal Hospitals

Leroy-Somer provided 36 generators for hospitals backup power systems

The Department of Health & Family Welfare (DoHFW) of the Government of West Bengal, India has built almost 34 Super Specialty hospitals in various districts of West Bengal until 2016 to ensure availability of quality healthcare services across the State.

For the emergency backup power system of these hospitals, DoHFW needed 50 generators sets delivering a total power of 24MW to ensure continuous operation of each hospital's most critical processes.

Leroy-Somer became an approved supplier for the second phase of the projects, demonstrating the superior motor starting and short circuit capabilities of its alternators. This led to an order for the 36 remaining generators for the project.



Project name: West Bengal Multi-Specialty Hospitals
Location: West Bengal, India
Industry: Healthcare
Completion date: March 2016
End-user: West Bengal Department of Health & Family Welfare
OEM: Western Consolidated Pvt. Ltd / Captiva Energy / Sterling & Wilson
Engine / prime mover: KOEL / Perkins
Total power: 21.5 MVA
Products details:

  • 12 x LSA 47.2 - 400kVA
  • 14 x LSA 47.2 - 625kVA
  • 9 x LSA 49.1 - 750kVA
  • 1 x LSA 50.2 - 1250kVA 
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