2019 Digital Calendar

Leroy-Somer's 100 years celebration

As part of Leroy-Somer's 100 years celebration, we are pleased to offer you a series of wallpapers for the year 2019.

Each version consists of 12 wallpapers, one per month of the year, with an integrated calendar.
The calendar exists in three versions, adapted to different screen formats:

  • 4:3 for the classical screens
  • 16:10 for most laptop screens
  • 16:9 for panoramic screens

Click on a picture below to download a zip file containing 12 pictures.


Leroy-Somer 2019 calendar TV 4:3
12 images / TV 4:3 screen ratio


Leroy-Somer 2019 calendar CinemaHD
12 images / Cinema HD 16:10 screen ratio


Leroy-Somer 2019 calendar Full HD
12 images / Full HD 16:9 screen ratio


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