Crane & Hoisting

Crane & Hoisting

Leroy-Somer, a brand of Nidec group, operates globally providing unparalleled motor, brake, gear and drive technology, local technical expertise, engineering & manufacturing resources, and round-the-clock care to manufacturers and operators of industrial, tower or port cranes.

Our 70 years of expertise and our involvement in many projects around the globe, allow us to be a unique supplier able to meet all your expectations because we know exactly the specificities related to the different environments and load handling.

To respond to these challenges, we offer compact and flexible solutions with the power and control required to move materials and goods efficiently and safely. Our systems maximize the automation, speed and reliability of your cranes and material handling equipment.

Enhanced performance, safety and energy efficiency with our highly technological motors & drives packages to meet your requirements with best-in-class reliability.

Scalable solutions from simple drive and motor hoist control up to complete electrical turnkey installations for either new or retrofit crane projects.

Customized services to ensure all elements of your crane system are supported throughout its operational lifetime, including consultation, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and repairs.

OEM account management, jointly developed customized solutions and strategic operations to meet the specific market requirements of our OEM customers.

Products for the cranes industry:


IMfinity® Induction motors

Three-phase induction motors
IE3 - IE4 efficiency class, Aluminum, cast iron or steel housing
For fixed or variable speed

IP 55 or IP 23 - up to 1500 kW

moteur ls cpls


IP23 induction motors for variable frequency.
High power density - Low inertia - High speed up to 9000 rpm

Unidrive M700

Unidrive M

Industrial drive family up to 2.8 MW

moteur ls COMM

Geared Motors - Compabloc Orthobloc Manubloc Multibloc

Extended range of geared motors
Worm and wheel, helical, inline, parallel or orthogonal output up to 23 000 Nm

FFB Brake Motors


Failsafe brake operating when supply off (a braking force is applied when de-energized) on LS non IE, IE3 asynchronous three phase IMfinity® motors range.
Up to 15 kW

 moteur ls fcpl


DC brake motor. 160-355mm - 11 to 400 kW
65 to 5000 Braking torque
IP 44/55/56


Miniature brochure orientation

Brochure: Orientation training solutions

Leroy-Somer meets the requirements of tower crane manufacturers thanks to a global and multi-technological offer.

Miniature bochure levage

Brochure: Industrial lifting for cranes

Reliable, safe and efficient solutions to optimize the productivity of lifting equipment

 Miniature brochure Grues et solutions de levage

Brochure : Crane and hoist solutions

Reliable, safe and performing solutions to maximize crane productivity

 Miniature brochure gamme de moteurs frein

Brake motors range

Safety, reliability and wide range 0.06kW to 550 kW / 3 to 5000 N.m

 Miniature brochure Systemes dentrainement electromecaniques

Electromechanical drive systems

Worm and wheel, helical, bevel geared motors, inline, parallel or orthogonal output
10 to 23000 Nm



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