Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

More Productivity for the Food and Beverage Industry

Nidec Leroy-Somer’s comprehensive food and beverage automation solutions improve productivity, reduce production costs and increase energy efficiency across a huge range of applications.

From dynamic servo drive and geared motor systems that deliver high performance electronic synchronization between axes to simple agitating, conveyor and mixer applications, we provide optimized solutions that exceed expectations, and quickly pay back initial investment.

Guaranteed reliability and system performance
Our food and beverage solutions maximize up-time and performance while achieving reduced production costs through:

  • Highly efficient matched drive, motor and gearbox technology, with reduced losses, resulting in huge energy savings
  • Accurate system regulation optimizes all integrated processes,  taking automatic corrective action to prevent line stops, while reducing waste
  • Extensive testing in the harshest of environments to maximize product reliability

Flexible food and beverage industry solutions 
Our flexible drive and motor solutions integrate seamlessly with industry leading PLCs, safety contactors and feedback devices through extensive communications and I/O options, while using open industry standard programming languages for easy machine control. Based on many years of experience and our portfolio of cutting edge technology, we can help you improve your manufacturing processes and throughput.

Comprehensively supporting you throughout the lifetime of your application 
We offer comprehensive automation and electrical turnkey solutions, with local sales and technical support. Full service packages mean your production processes can be optimized throughout the lifetime of the application and improved as technology advances, with predictive and remedial maintenance, 24 hour support, spare parts and training provided as required.


Products for the food & beverage industry :

Commander ID300

Commander ID300

Combined with our IMfinity® induction motors, the Commander ID300 drive features a control and protection algorithm for an optimized operation.


Dyneo+Synchronous Reluctance Permanent Magnet Motors

Dyneo+ synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets are built on the mechanical platform of our IMfinity® induction motors, known for their robustness and reliability. Available in various LSHRM/PLSHRM/FLSHRM series, they are easy to install and set-up. At the top of energy efficiency above IE5, they offer unrivalled performance and interactive commissioning thanks to our new Systemiz application.


IMfinity® Induction motors

IE1 - IE2 - IE3 - IE4 efficiency class, Aluminum, cast iron or steel frame
IP 55 or IP 23 - 0.09 to 1500 kW


ATEX Dust Safety Motors

Safety induction motors for ATEX dust potentially explosive atmospheres – 0.18 to 675 kW

Powerdrive MD2

Powerdrive MD2 AC Drives

Powerdrive MD2 provides high-performance control of motors, making it the ideal choice for any industrial or commercial variable speed application up to 2800 kW (pumping, ventilation, compression, etc).

Orthobloc - Commander ID300

Geared Motors - Compabloc Orthobloc Manubloc Multibloc

From 30 to 23 000 Nm, the range of geared motor technologies satisfies the demands of industrial processes for normal or special environments.

FFB Brake Motors


Failsafe brake operating when supply off (a braking force is applied when de-energized) on LS non IE, IE3 asynchronous three phase IMfinity® motors range.

Energy saving advisor app

Energy Savings Advisor

The Energy Savings Advisor mobile app is an intuitive, accurate, interactive application that allows you to estimate and quickly assess the value of energy savings that can be achieved with our high efficiency drive and motor solutions.

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