IMfinity®: the new generation of IE2 High efficiency and IE3 Premium efficiency induction motors for operation on the mains and on a drive.

OCT 09, 2014

The new-generation IMfinity® motors have been designed to operate on at least 80% of voltages and frequencies throughout the world while complying with existing energy regulations. Thus, an IE3 efficiency class IMfinity® motor supplied from our stock can be installed in Europe, Asia, North America or Oceania without adapting the winding. This high-performance solution greatly simplifies procurement by rationalising 6 or 7 motor references, depending on their destination, down to a single one.  


Since implementing regulation 640/2009 of the ErP directive makes it mandatory for either IE3 motors or IE2 motors (which need to be used with a drive) to be placed on the market, IE2 efficiency class IMfinity® motors are routinely provided with a second nameplate giving all the information needed to set the drive parameters and the main performance levels of the motor used for variable speed

In order to help the market prepare for the next deadline in the directive (1 January 2015), IMfinity® motors are available in the guaranteed availability programme from July 2014.

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