Powerdrive MD Smart-MD3 Series

Powerdrive MD Smart-MD3 Series

Miniature powerdrive MD SmartRange : 75 to 3800 kW

The range of high power modular drives from Nidec Leroy-Somer evolves with POWERDRIVE MD Smart - an even more compact and user-friendly system.;


The components of the POWERDRIVE MD Smart allow by assembly to offer all the following types of architectures:

  - Passive rectifier 6,12,18 or 24 Pulse

  - Active rectifier  (Active Front-End :AFE)

  - DC Bus systems, DC/DC converters

The choice of architecture makes it possible to reduce the level of harmonics in order to limit pollution of the power supply networks and to comply with the IEEE519 standard.


POWERDRIVE MD Smart offers high performance motor control (AC or PM), making it the ideal choice for any industrial or commercial variable speed application up to 3800 kW.


Equipped with a new 7 "HMI (Android) and a secure wireless connection, POWERDRIVE MD Smart offers, with the Systemiz application, a multitude of services to enrich the user experience.

mdsmart et systemiz

The interactivity of the whole provides greater ergonomics during commissioning or adjustment phases, easier integration into all systems, as well as a remote or on-site self-diagnostics capability.

Based on the Powerdrive MD Smart, Leroy-Somer has developed dedicated offers by application (Oil & Gas, Energy, Marine, Infrastructure, Energy saving, etc.)

  • Advantages

    Power adapted for all needs from 75 to 3800 kW via a modular and flexible design.

    Input configuration: 6,12,18,24 pulse, Active Front End (IEEE519 or regenerative low harmonics) or "Low harmonics" integrable Active filter depending on your energy source (IEEE519).

    Energy savings: with the integrated independent energy meter option, POWERDRIVE MD Smart is the solution!

    With a dedicated engineering department, the Nidec Leroy-Somer offer is customizable / configurable, in order to best meet the specifications of all types of variable speed equipment.

    POWERDRIVE MD Smart are IE2 drives according to the Ecodesign Directive.

    POWERDRIVE MD Smart are adapted to the requirements of MARINE applications through numerous certifications.

    They incorporate safety functions: Safe Torque Off inputs, certified "FORCED" or "FIRE MODE", for "tunnel" smoke extraction type applications.

    The POWERDRIVE MD Smart drive all three-phase motors including the IE5 Dyneo+ range of synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets.

    Their optimized dimensions offer a small footprint, and in particular make it possible to offer the 315 kW 6 pulse caliber in a cabinet 400 mm wide and 600 mm deep.

  • Main characteristics
     Power  kW  75 to 3800
     Current (AC)  A  142 to 6700
     Voltage  V  6P or Multi-Pulses:
    Rating (TN) 400V -10% to 480V + 10%
    Rating (TH) 525V -10% to 690V + 10%

    Rating (TN) 400V -10% to 480V + 5%
    Rating (TH) 525V -10% to 690V + 5%
    Power supply frequency
    Hz  50 - 60 ± 5%
    Ingress protection IP   00 (chassis), 21 and 54 (cabinet)
    Network architecture    6,12,18,24 and Regen (AFE)
    Cooling    Air or liquid (Maintenance without interrupting the circulation of the coolant)
     Operating temperature  °C -10 to +40 and up to +70 (with derating) 
     Motor control    Asynchronous U / F or open loop vector, closed loop asynchronous vector with or without feedback, synchronous magnet with or without feedback and synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets IE5.

     EU declaration of conformity and incorporation
              Low Voltage Directive: 2014/35 / EU
              Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30 / EU
              ROHS Directive 2 2011/65 / EU
              Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53 / EU
              EN 50581: 2012
              EN 60529: 1991 / A1: 2000 / A2: 2013; 61800-5-2: 2017

    UL61800-5-1 (UL / cUL)
              Marine: TYPE APPROVAL BV Chassis
              IE2 - Ecodesign
              Certified "FORCED MARKET" or "FIRE MODE"

  • Software & electrical schematics

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