Powerdrive FX

Powerdrive FX

Powerdrive FX

Drive with dynamic braking
22 to 90 kW

Integrating the new C-Light 4 Quadrant technology, the POWERDRIVE FX variable speed drive offers an exceptionally compact regenerative solution. Thanks to latest generation high-performance control, POWERDRIVE FX is ideally suited to sensorless control of magnet motors.

  • Advantages

    Dynamic braking: 'naturally regenerative input bridge

    Permanent magnet synchronous motors in virtual sensor mode: Elimination of restrictions relating to the sensor wiring, 75% of Tn on starting, precise speed control from 1/20th of the rated speed

    Integrated safety functions: Safe Torque Off inputs, diagnostics menu, emergency run mode.

    Savings on the purchase price: integrated line reactance and RFI filter, elimination of braking resistor and its thermal relay, etc.​

  • Main characteristics
    Current A 45 to 175
    Power supply frequency Hz 48 to 62
    Ingress protection IP 20
    Regenerative mode Native
    Motor control Asynchronous in open loop vector and U/F mode, Asynchronous in closed loop vector mode with encoder or virtual sensor (sensorless), Synchronous with magnets, in closed loop vector mode with virtual sensor (sensorless) or with encoder or resolver option
    Power kW 22 to 90
    Voltage V Three-phase 400 to 480
  • Software & electrical schematics
  • Downloads
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