Three-phase motors for normal applications

Three-phase motors for normal applications

IMfinity® platform :
Three-phase induction motors
IE3 - IE4 efficiency class, Aluminum, cast iron or steel frame
IP 55 or IP 23 - 0.09 to 1500 kW

Regulation 640/2009 of the ErP directive decreeing on the market, either IE4 motors, IE3 motors, or IE2 motors that must be used with a drive, the IMfinity® motors with efficiency level IE2 are systematically fitted with a second nameplate giving all the necessary information to set up the drive as well as the main motor performance used in variable speed.


Premium efficiency IE3 three-phase induction motors with aluminum...

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Premium efficiency IE3 IP23 three-phase induction motors 55 to...

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PLSES 4500

Premium efficiency IE3 IP23 three-phase, high-speed induction...

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Three-phase induction motors with aluminum frame NIE 0,09 to 45...

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