Electronic Controllers & Starters

Electronic controllers, soft starters for fixed speed applications. Smart, communicative and easy to use. 24 to 1250 A


Digistart mobile Application available


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More intelligent, to adapt to the needs of the applications:
  • Soft start technology incorporating adaptive throttle control.
  • Extended and fully adjustable motors guards.
  • Smart application specific card for specific industrial applications.
  • Multiple communication options via fieldbus.
More robust:
  • Robust design for all environments, including the harshest.
  • Thermal starter and motor models offering maximum performance.
  • Many functions to improve the comfort of use.
Easier to use:
  • Multilanguage graphical display.
  • Commissioning facilitated by configuration and integrated simulation.
  • Configuration backups by USB port.
  • Simplified firmware update.
More ergonomic with the mobile application:
  • Access to the history of the last 3 defaults by scanning the QR code on the display.
  • Ability to send boot log data.
  • Easy access to product manuals directly from the app.
Easier to integrate with smart business card:
  • Functions and Input / Output meeting the specific needs of industrial pumping applications.
More energy efficient thanks to the internal bypass:
  • Maximum energy savings for fixed speed applications.
  • Zero harmonic emissions during operation - no additional filters required.
  • Energy savings generated reducing operating costs.
  • Internal bypass design simplifying installation.
  • Saves space and cabling


A dynamic QR code can be generated on the display and read by the Nidec Leroy-Somer Digistart application installed on your smartphone, thus providing easy access to event logs, making a status, a diagnostics and viewing the history of the last 3 defaults or simply to consult the product documentation. A great simplicity of controlling at your fingertips!

Digistart D4

Simple and compact soft starter (24 to 580 A)

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Digistart D5

High performance soft starter (24 to 1250 A)

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