Environmentally-responsible Maintenance

The “Environmentally-responsible maintenance” commitment charter

A major commitment from Leroy-Somer and its 140 service partners: the “Environmentally-Responsible Maintenance” Charter guarantees that the drive efficiency will be preserved when it is repaired and promises the user that the best low-energy solutions will be offered to him. All these services are in total compliance with “good environmental practice”.

Carrying out repairs without loss of efficiency

Each Leroy-Somer Service Centre (SC),in signing this charter, undertakes to maintain a high level of quality when performing maintenance work on electric motors, whether a simple overhaul or rewinding, to avoid damaging their efficiency characteristics.

The SC relies on the good practice guide “Efficient repair of rotating electrical machines” drawn up by Leroy-Somer’s technical departments. This guide covers all the stages of motor maintenance, detailing exactly which technical characteristics should be checked and confirmed, both mechanical (geometric check, dimensional check, balancing, etc) and electrical (unwinding, impregnation, high voltage test, etc). It also insists on professional training as well as the use of original manufacturer parts, failure to do which is an important reason for changes to efficiency values, and therefore to electricity consumption.

Promoting “high energy efficiency” solutions

The SC undertakes to promote “high energy efficiency” solutions for every motorised application which offers energy-saving potential and a rapid return on investment for the end user, whether involving fixed speed or variable speed solutions, or new technologies such as permanent magnet synchronous solutions (see appendix 1).

Protecting the environment

Leroy-Somer has also drawn up the “guide to good environmental practice” for use by the SCs which contains all the precautions to be taken to prevent any risk of contamination in the repair workshops, whether in terms of waste water management, storage of contaminants, monitoring emissions into the air or waste management.
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