New synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets


New synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets

The new range offers high reliability, unrivalled performance and interactive commissioning.
Industry 4.0, Systemiz, IE5 logos11 to 500 kW
Speeds up to 6000 rpm
Interchangeable and compact ranges

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Premium energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency level above IE5
  • Among the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market
  • Best in class energy saving technology in real use on cycle (variable speed and load)

High performance

  • Torque guaranteed over an extended speed range
  • Accurate speed and torque control
  • High starting torque in sensorless mode, eliminating the need for an encoder
  • Reduced losses, no overheating, resulting in higher motor efficiency

Robust and reliable

  • Rugged mechanism using the same components as induction motors
  • Rare earth free rotor
  • As standard, PTC thermistors / temperature sensor for maximum motor protection and PT1000 thermistors / sensor for monitoring

Easy set-up and maintenance

  • Simplicity of assembling / dismantling equivalent to an induction motor


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  • Extended service life
  • Simplified motor wiring with easy access to the terminal box

Optimized motor and drive solution

  • Ready-to-use solution: dimensioned to work perfectly together
  • Reduced magnetic noise and vibration levels throughout the operating range
Dyneo+ Digitalization

Dyneo⁺ digitalization

  • Fast and efficient operation thanks to our Systemiz app.
  • Exact motor identification by QR code
  • Easy access to motor parameters for drive setup
  • Direct access to all product literature (brochures, manuals, certificates, etc.)


11 to 355 kW - up to 6000 rpm
Available in interchangeable...

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75 to 355 kW - up to 3000 rpm
Cast iron housing

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380 to 500 kW - up to 4500 rpm
High power-to-weight ratio

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