GenOSys - Connected solutions

​Remote power system management solutions

GenOSys - Connected solutions

GenOSys includes:

  • On-site electronic and hardware equipment
  • A "cloud" for remote data management
  • Local and remote data processing by our dedicated algorithms
  • A secure and customizable web interface to view and access the data

Our Power Generation experts at Nidec Leroy-Somer, relying on a century of experience in the field, have developed GenOSys using unique proprietary algorithms.

How it works

GenOSys schema

 We record data from all components of a generator set: alternators, engines, turbines, batteries, radiators, fuel tanks, etc.

  The recorded data is consolidated and stored securely on our cloud platform. The data is processed by our algorithms to highlight potential problems and risks in the installation.

 Our teams of data scientists and experienced electrical engineers add their expertise to the algorithms to advise you and identify savings opportunities.

 You have real-time access to data and status reports on all your assets, and benefit from relevant reports that save you time and help you make the decisions you need to optimize your facility.


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Understand how GenOSys works:


Why choose GenOSys?

A system focused on information interpretation, concrete results and prediction
It doesn't matter what's happening upstream in the system, or how much information you have; it's all useless if you don't understand what's happening now and what's coming. Using data from all your sensors, systems and protocols, GenOsys brings you much more than your current visualization system.  GenOsys brings you directly the experience and intelligence of our experts by taking into account the specificities of your installation, to better understand and anticipate the operation of your installation and identify opportunities for improvement in terms of performance and reliability. It is in this expertise condensed in our algorithms that GenOSys' added value lies. In the end, what matters to you is that energy production is operational, efficient and safe.
Protect your equipment Minimize the disruptions
Reduce the risks Reduce operating costs


Works for all critical applications


All our expertise at your service

GenOSys applicationsBeyond the value added by the GenOSys intelligence, you benefit from all the expertise of the Leroy-Somer and Kato Engineering support teams at your side, to help you deal with incidents before they lead to failures.
Once GenOSys has been installed and commissioned by our technicians or your usual service center, you can, if you wish, receive our support, from our advice on optimising operation to the complete management of alternator maintenance.

A flexible solution that adapts and evolves with your needs 

GenOSys is an evolving and flexible solution that will accompany you for the entire life of your installation. In order to adapt GenOSys to the needs of each industry and each installation, we are at your disposal to propose the version of GenOSys that suits you.

GenOSys is available in stand-alone, connected or island mode, as well as in service and maintenance contracts.

Discover concretely what GenOSys can do for you

Identify with us now the contribution that GenOSys will have on your installation:

  • Take advantage of the potential savings on your capital and operating expenses
  • Increase the reliability of your equipment and the safety of your personnel
  • Avoid costly and unnecessary interventions on the system
  • Train your staff with us: better understand your equipment and the benefits of Industry 4.0
  • Discover how connecting your energy resources can be a game-changer for energy production and cost control

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