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Nidec pool and spa motors maximize the fun and minimize the hassles

Nidec has been a pioneer in the electric motor industry for decades; our expertise extends back through our brands for over a century. We understand that you need first-class pool and spa motors to keep your products running like clockwork. After all, time is money and you have neither to waste.

Our pool and spa motors are backed by our decades of experience manufacturing reliable and energy-efficient products. We have talented engineers who excel at creating custom-made solutions geared toward specific requirements. You can count on our products to stand up to the pool and spa test.

Our U.S. MOTORS® brand has been crafting superior motors since it first started making products back in 1908 in Las Angeles, California. Owning a pool or spa should be fun – and that fun is tied to continued performance and longevity. Our pool and spa motors will operate with quiet efficiency and reduced maintenance needs. Your customers will be able to keep the fun maximized and the hassles minimized when you choose U.S. MOTORS brand products.

U.S. MOTORS brand pool motors

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Recall Notice:

2011: Nidec Motor Corporation Recalls Pool Pump Motors Due to Electrical Shock Hazard   Learn More