Powerdrive MD2R power converter chosen for the renovation and energy optimization of a hydroelectric power station

JUL 11, 2017

The Ondulia company, which produces wind, solar and hydro-powered renewable energy, entrusted 2EI with the modernization of its Guilhot power station in Bénagues (South West France). Provided turnkey by 2EI, the electromechanical solution, composed by a DIVE-turbine equipped with a generator controlled by a Leroy-Somer Powerdrive MD2R power converter, has fully responded to Ondulia’s expectations.

The Challenge

The customer’s objective was to significantly increase the site’s power capability by integrating a compact solution with guaranteed water rate management and drop height to optimize output.

The Solution

To meet this challenge, 2EI contacted Leroy-Somer, combining its DIVE-turbine, equipped with a variable speed permanent magnet generator with a Leroy-Somer Powerdrive MD2R frequency converter, using Ethernet communications for remote access.

This solution enables energy conversion with a very high output and supplies reactive power. The Powerdrive MD2R variable speed drive enables optimum power conversion by adapting the turbine’s speed and torque to variations in rate and drop height. It also provides fine and linear regulation of the reagent level according to the electricity network manager’s requirements. 

The Benefits

This integrated technology, from the generator to the turbine, enabled installation without any major modification to the existing water chambers. Thanks to the variable speed technology, the operating range has been expanded and annual production increased.


The elimination of the multiplier, capacitor battery and seals, along with the long operating lifetime of the bearings (20 years) and the stainless steel construction of all submerged parts or parts exposed to water spray are all key factors which have enabled ONDULIA to obtain a significant reduction in maintenance.

This global and innovative solution, of the DIVE-turbine combined with Powerdrive MD2R has met 100% of the customer’s expectations.

Key benefits

• Variable speed and generator control technology with no position sensor

• Optimized output and production (turbine speed adjusted according to drop height and rate)

• Facilitated maintenance (no activation system, no capacitor battery)

• Ethernet communications for remote access

• Fast intervention

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