Kato Engineering

Our KATO ENGINEERING™ brand offers a complete line of precision-engineered, top-quality AC generators, motor-generator sets and controls for prime, standby and peak shaving power generation. We are proud of our 83-year tradition of design and manufacturing excellence and innovations. Some of our notable accomplishments include:

• Being an early user of vacuum-pressure impregnation for coil protection
• Being a pioneer in the use of split bearings on rotor shafts
• Being an early user of permanent magnet excitation
• Being one of the first generator manufacturers to use brushless excitation
• Becoming a preferred supplier to the U.S. Navy and part of the Navy’s new EMALS (Electric Magnetic Aircraft Launch System)
• Creating a generator with up to 98% efficiency (LCF™ technology)

We employ about 500 people in our 250,000 square-foot facility in North Mankato, Minnesota. That facility includes in-house research and development, design engineering, purchasing and sales teams. Our products are also represented by many U.S. and international sales agencies around the world.

Demand for electrical power is being created by deregulation of utilities, co-generation and the growth of developing countries, and our KATO ENGINEERING brand is a major supplier to this rapidly expanding global market. Oil, gas, coal, uranium, copper, iron ore, lumber...KATO ENGINEERING generators supply power to tap the world's resources. Tankers, freighters, locomotives, aircraft, mass transit...We furnish the power to keep all of them moving. Hospitals, communication industries, remote areas of the country, any place where dependable controllable electrical power is needed...that's where you will find KATO ENGINEERING generators.

Our ruggedly constructed generators have survived the harshest environments, and our commitment to meeting customer needs has made the KATO ENGINEERING name synonymous with dependable power generation worldwide.

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