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Questions to Ask Your HMI EMS Partner
Technical Questions

Q: Do they have an extensive history and experience in the HMI industry?

A: Selecting a manufacturing partner is a tough choice. One major factor to consider is pedigree or credibility within the industry that you are seeking to penetrate or grow. Nidec-Valmark has been in the Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology business--and growing--for more than 44 years.  Nidec has been the world’s largest electric motors and actuators for decades;  Nidec-Valmark have survived, and thrived, in an extremely competitive world because of their ability to satisfy customers in particular markets, year after year.

Q: Can they add value to you during the design process?

A: Most companies in the HMI space offer some level of support through Design for Manufacturing (DFM) processes. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) should be on the lookout for an exceptionally proactive HMI and user interface technology partner with: (1) industry leading toolsets, (2) clear design guidelines, and (3) a knowledgeable and accessible NPI Engineering/Staff who demonstrates the skills required to help bring your product successfully to market faster.

Q: Is it obvious that they’ve invested in the latest advanced technologies and modern equipment?

A: You need to be able to count on a manufacturing partner who supports your business through-the-use-of advanced manufacturing and testing technologies and demonstrates a commitment to ongoing investment.  From laser cutters-to-hydroforming-to-firmware programming, Nidec-Valmark continues to add state-of-the-art equipment for material conversion, fabrication, assembly and testing.

Q: Are they up to code with all industry standards, and then some?

A: Nidec-Valmark is a leading-edge company that demonstrates a high degree of certification to the latest standards (ISO 13485:2016) and specifications across all key customer market sectors. Valmark maintains certifications in high-reliability sectors; particularly in the Medical, Electronics and Instrumentation markets.  Valmark has made the investment of resources, equipment, time, and adherence to stringent processes and business controls to support the most mission critical applications (from Class III Medical to Aerospace OEMs).  This, in turn, shows commitment not only to a focused group of industries, but also a clear dedication to continuous improvement.

Q: How comprehensive is their product testing offering?

A: Product testing should be discussed early in the design stage. For certain products that must operate in particularly harsh environments, environmental and reliability testing should be used to make sure your products will stand up to your intended application.  Nidec-Valmark uses both internal lab and external lab resources to meet any testing requirements.

Q: Will they take care of your needs after order fulfillment?

A: You should feel assured knowing that VIS's dedicated team is available to support aftermarket requirements including service demands and remanufacturing of product, as needed. VIS provides complete product lifecycle support, component obsolescence management and component supply chain management services.

Q: Is their communication effective and transparent?

A: Communication with your HIM technology partner should fall under the three C’s rule: Consistency, Communication, and Collaboration. The flow of information is paramount to the success of the partnership. This allows open and active dialogue to make business decisions easier and faster. Nidec-Valmark continues to provide proactive support including a world wide corporate foot print that gives us “best practices and procedures” in our supply chain to support these efforts.

Finally, IAW ISO 13485, Valmark is transparent with our systems, materials and record traceability for products, testing and lot control.

Q: Are they flexible enough to handle your product changes and revisions in a timely manner even if it affects existing production?

A: Nidec-Valmark has always been a business designed around High-Mix Low-Volume; it gives us the advantage of creating systems and business processes uniquely capable of reacting to dynamic changes (SECR, ECO, EOL components, etc.) with our OEM customers.  Our team approach includes being able to make key documented and controlled changes on-the-fly.  Speed and consistent systems help support our customers’ and react to their production pressures.

Q: Do they have a new product introduction (NPI) process in place?

A: New product introduction (NPI) covers the entire process of bringing a new product to market.  NPI starts with the OEM and their evolving needs.  OEM Engineers guide manufacturers and communicate with them through the entire product development process to support the product requirements/specs. As your HMI technology partner, Nidec-Valmark needs to understand how to support this process.  We support this critical activity with our solid NPI System.  Valmark has a full system for NPI from Quotation, Design reviews, V&V engineering and DFM optimization--all the way to full production and worldwide shipments.

Q: Are they a cultural fit?

A: Knowing your supplier talks the same business language as you and has experience in your market sector speaks volumes. The best manufacturer fit will understand the requirements needed to get the job completed on time, the certifications needed, and in some cases the legalities of working on specific products or programs. Nidec-Valmark, as part of the Nidec Corp group of 250 companies in 45 countries, has a world-spanning level of support on any topic (SCM, Import/Export, Contractual and legal IP, technologies, IoT, regional tariff issues, etc.).

Q: Do they have a manufacturing footprint that is compatible with your short and long-term needs?

A: Whether you require local engagement or support for a global market, Valmark is the right fit for your immediate demand and long-term strategic goals. Valmark continually works to build the relationship both short and long-term.

Q: Do they have a product lifecycle management and/or counterfeit prevention system in place?

A: Nidec-Valmark has a robust product lifecycle (PLC) management program that supports product in the design-and-development phases; our focus on PLC is imperative for our customers’ product success. Our PLC also considers obsolescence management that takes into account the lifespan of the components being used, with a plan to replace parts as they age or it becomes a problem. Nidec Corp and Nidec-Valmark works closely with a worldwide group of vetted, long-term AVL that rigorously work to combat counterfeit electronic components through prevention and surveillance (audits).

Q: How do they handle traceability?

A: Traceability is important within the supply chain as it provides the ability to recall components/products, track production and match replacement parts. It gathers the information needed by the manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.  Nidec-Valmark’s ISO 13485:2016 certification makes traceability not merely an expectation but an axiom. Nidec-Valmark has the capabilities to retain records for those that have specific requirements (Medical, Aerospace, etc.). Our HMI solutions requirements range from lot traceability to full component level traceability.

Q: Does their production mix match those of your products?

A: When choosing a manufacturing partner, understanding the business portfolio and infrastructure setup allows you to make an informed decision. Questions to review during the process could be:

  (1)   Are they producing computers and cell phones while you are interested in the support of products that may only require 100’s or 1,000’s per annum?

  (2)   Is their business model built on flexibility and agility or volume and velocity?

Q: Does their production mix match those of your products?

A: Voice of the customer (VOC) programs describes the customer’s feedback about their experiences with and expectations for your products or services. Valmark team focuses on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement. Nidec and Nidec-Valmark is always striving to deliver world-class service at every stage in the process.

Q: Do you trust them to be your brand ambassadors?

A: Outsourcing manufacturing requires substantial trust. As ambassadors of your brand, Valmark works to support your brand promise. Valmark’s entire team is committed to upholding your highest standards of quality by providing a hands-on approach and the technical skills required to meet your most critical specifications.

Q: Do they want to strategically align their business with yours?

A: The Nidec-Valmark executive leadership is open to working closely with our OEM customers to identify and plan-out a roadmap for a true partnership. It is crucial that Valmark engage early with our OEM customers in the design process; our PLC roadmap insures close collaboration with every aspect of the relationship, from communication-to cost reduction-to forecasting. Finally, Nidec-Valmark proactively offers our global industry insights and product design expertise to guide our OEM clients toward innovative solutions.

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