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  • Rail maintenance Equipment

    Railway maintenanceThe tracks are constantly used by high-speed trains and are exposed to very harsh weather conditions, these intense conditions cause gradual damage and deterioration. In order to optimise this infrastructure in the long term and to minimise costs, reliable and efficient solutions must be used for all maintenance operations.

    Our alternators are the best power supply solution for machines operating on tracks. Many customers around the world rely on us for these applications, our technologies make a difference in terms of performance and quality of results. 

    Our products are designed for all applications:

    • Rail Grinder
    • Rails flash-butt welding
    • Refurbishments and upgrades
    • Etc

    LSA range with title MHV range


  • Auxiliary power supply

    Rail auxiliary powerA train carries passengers on long journeys, who need electricity on board to have a good travel. This auxiliary power needs to be efficient with no interruption in the supplier source, Leroy-Somer offers highly reliable alternators which can operate continuously to supply your train with electricity at all times. The high-quality of our products make them able to work for years without efficiency degradation.

    Our different range of alternators meet all your needs; we listen carefully to your necessary needs to provide you with the best offer for you project.

    Nidec Leroy-Somer is your best choice to make your trains lightning!

    LSA range with title MHV range


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