Gearlec - Agricultural alternator

Tractor PTO fixed generator for backup power in farms

Gearlec - Fixed PTO Generators

Leroy-Somer Gearlec

An alternative source of energy production is essential in modern agricultural operations as a safeguard in the event of a power failure or for use in areas without electricity.

Gearlec is a tractor-mounted PTO alternator designed for fixed use as emergency power for buildings or agricultural tools. It helps secure energy for farms at a lower cost by taking advantage of the mechanical power produced by tractors.

With a robust and reliable design, Gearlec is an effective protection against the climatic and technological hazards that can affect modern farms.

Convenient for :

  • Refrigeration systems (tanks, cold rooms)
  • Pumping or Ventilation Operations
  • Heating, lighting, conveying, milking ...

Gearlec highlights


GEARLEC, your farming insurance

All products in the Gearlec range are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects, subject to the conditions of use stipulated in the instructions.

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