Powerdrive MD2

Powerdrive MD2

Powerdrive MD2

Range: 45 to 2800 kW

Leroy-Somer's range of high-power modular drives is evolving in the shape of Powerdrive MD2 - an even more compact and user-friendly drive. The combination of power modules and the choice of cooling method make it possible to create multiple optimized configurations: 6-pulse, low-frequency harmonics, regenerative or DC bus solution. Powerdrive MD2 provides high-performance control of motors, making it the ideal choice for any industrial or commercial variable speed application up to 2800 kW (pumping, ventilation, compression, etc).

For artificial lift, Leroy-Somer has developed a dedicated offering with options for export pumps, PCP, ESP and ESPCP, Onshore and Offshore installations.

  • Advantages

    Power to suit your needs: modular design, flexible.

    6,12,18,24 pulses or Active Front End (Low Harmonics or Regenerative)

    Energy savings: POWERDRIVE MD2 is the Solution!

    Systems: to customer specification, complete turnkey offer.

    Integrated safety functions: Safe Torque Off inputs, diagnostics menu, emergency run mode.

    Permanent magnet synchronous motors in virtual sensor mode: Elimination of restrictions relating to the sensor wiring, 75% of Tn on starting, precise speed control from 1/20th of the rated speed

    Optimized dimensions: 250 kW 6 pulses in 400 mm cabinet

    Optimized operation: self-diagnostics of power and control on each power-up, customized functions, maintenance reduced to the absolute minimum.

  • Main characteristics
    Current A 90 to 3000
    Power supply frequency Hz 48 to 62
    Ingress protection IP 21 to 54
    Regenerative mode MDR version
    Motor control Asynchronous in U/F or open loop vector, asynchronous in closed loop vector (with sensor or sensorless), synchronous with magnets (with sensor or sensorless)
    Power kW 45 to 2800
    Cooling Air or liquid
    Voltage V Three-phase 400, 525 or 690
  • Software & electrical schematics
  • Downloads
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