Unidrive M400 Pump Solutions

Variable speed, constant pressure control solutions

Simplex and Multiplex Pump Control

0.33 hp to 200 hp (0.25 kW to 132 kW)

120 V to 690 V

The Control Techniques Unidrive M400 Pumping Solutions are a cost effective and versatile variable speed control system for maintaining energy efficient, constant pressure in single-phase (0.33 - 50 hp) or 3-phase (0.5 - 200 hp) applications. These single-pump and multi-pump (up to 3 max) configurations have been improved with new documentation and utilize the onboard controller on the Control Techniques Unidrive M400 drives which make it easy to set up new systems.

Based on the highly reliable Unidrive M400 AC drive, these solutions provide programming dedicated to simplex and multiplex pump operation. The AI-CTASP (simplex pump) and AI-CTAMP (multiplex pump) come with an AI-BACKUP-ADAPTOR with SD card loaded with default pump parameters pre-loaded to make it easy to setup application parameters to the drive while the pre-programmed simplex or multiplex 

Unidrive M400 eliminates the need for an external PLC saving cost, space and engineering time.

  • Features

    A simple solution for simplex and multiplex pump applications.  Unidrive M400 is a compact, easy-to-use general purpose drive that delivers excellent motor control and offers great value.  With I/O expansion option (simplex pump) or Ethernet I/P network communications (standard with multiplex), Unidrive M400 allows you to do far more than you would expect from a standard open-loop drive.

    Key features include:
    • Wide power range

    0.33 hp to 200 hp (simplex pump)

    0.5 hp to 200 hp (multiplex pump)

    • Easy to configure

    The separately ordered AI-CTASP (simplex) and AI-CTAMP (multiplex) makes transferring parameters fast and easy. The Unidrive M400 onboard controller is pre-programmed with the respective pump solutions used within the drive. A new user guide provides comprehensive information for the simplex and multiplex solution.

    • SStart/Stop and control modes

    Including pressure and flow switch, pressure transducer and flow switch, pressure transducer only.

    • Smooth S-ramp speed variationSmooth S-ramp speed variation

    Avoids water hammer.

    • Versatile

    The Unidrive M400 pump parameters can be setup from an SD card (order code AI-CTASP or AI-CTAMP) and keypad (order code CI-KEYPAD) or PC using the FREE Unidrive M Connect software.  The simplex pump requires either an optional programming cable (order code CT-USB-CABLE) and RS485 connection (order code AI-485-ADAPTOR) or SI-Ethernet to connect to a PC.  The multiplex pump solution can be connected to a PC over the SI-Ethernet module required for multiplex operation.

    • Expandable

    SI-I/O option module for additional I/O (simplex pump only).

    • Communications

    SI option modules for fieldbus and Ethernet connectivity for simplex pump. Multiplex pump solutions are provided with an SI-Ethernet module as standard. AI-485-ADAPTOR provides Modbus RTU communications for both simplex and multiplex pumping solutions.

    • High Performance

    Open-loop vector control.

    Load transfer and alternating lead pump control (multiplex pump).

  • Specifications
    Key Specifications
    • Pressure PID mode
    • Sleep / wake mode
    • Start / stop delay
    • Pipe fill operation
    • Automatic fault reset
    • System protection function
      • No suction detection / dry well detection
      • Transducer loss detection
      • High / low pressure detection
      • No flow detection
      • Motor overload
  • Options

    SI option modules for Unidrive M400 Simplex Pump Solution (only 1 SI option module permitted per drive frame 2 and above)

    SI-I/O option module for extended I/O (simplex pump solution only)
    Control Techniques SI option SI-I/O

    Extended I/O interface module to increase the number of I/O points on a drive.

    An SI-I/O option module can be ordered with Unidrive M400 simplex pump drives frames 2 and above. This module provides control over additional pump application parameters.

    Additional features include:

    • Multiple set-point selection
    • Over temperature switch input
    • Fault reset input
    • An additional user programmable relay

     SI communications modules (frame size 2 and above)

    A variety of SI communications modules can be ordered to add further flexibility to your simplex pump application. The Unidrive M400 multiplex pumping solution is provided with an SI-Ethernet module as standard. No other SI option modules can be used with the multiplex solution.


    Unidrive M400 drives do not come with a keypad as standard. A CI-KEYPAD is recommended to be ordered for easy setup and diagnostics.

    Control Techniques CI-KEYPAD-LCD
    CI-Keypad LCD

    Three line plain text, multi-language LCD keypad for rapid setup and helpful diagnostics maximizes machine up-time.

    Control Techniques Remote Keypad
    Remote keypad

    All the features of the CI-Keypad LCD, but remote mountable. This allows flexible mounting on the outside of a panel and meets IP66 (NEMA 4)

    Drive Pump Parameters

    A pre-loaded default pump parameter SD card and adaptor can be ordered for backup pump parameters.

    • AI-CTASP provides backup default simplex pump parameters. Includes an SD card and AI-BACKUP-ADAPTOR
    • AI-CTAMP must be ordered for multiplex pumping parameters. Includes an SD card and AI-BACKUP-ADAPTOR with individual parameter files loaded for drives 1, 2 and 3 in a multiplex system.



    For use when connecting a Unidrive M400 with an AI-485-ADAPTOR to a PC to program the drive.

    CT-USB Cable

  • Downloads
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