Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial Lawn Care

Nidec has been serving leaders of the lawn care industry for over a decade and is now developing higher power density motors for the new era of lawn care electrification and automation to extend battery life and power through the thickest turf.  With custom engineered solutions in our DNA, Nidec supplies OEM solutions for operator driven and autonomous equipment with the latest motor, controller, and gearing technology.  The benefits of lawn care electrification include zero emissions, quiet operation, lower maintenance, a higher quality cut, higher degree of control, and lower overall cost of ownership.  Whether it’s for golf, sod, municipalities, or anywhere the green grows, Nidec motors and controls are powerful enough to cut the heaviest grass, leveraging the latest motor and control technology manufactured at scale.

Rotary Cutter Motor
For rotary cutting applications, such as deck blade and razor, Nidec is developing a low profile motor technology with strong cast iron drive end head to withstand the harsh below deck environment in commercial mowers.  It is constructed from rugged metal components ensuring durability.  A fully sealed enclosed construction protects the motor from the harshest commercial mowing environments. 

Continuous Power Range 1.5 kW
Peak Power 3.0 kW 
Voltage 48V
RPM 4,000 RPM


Traction Motors
Nidec high efficiency brushless synchronous traction motors allow high drive cycle efficiency for long-lasting mower battery run time.  Alternatively, less battery can be with higher motor efficiency and less power usage.  Synchronous machines provide precise feedback and control over the traction system for harmonized speed between right-hand and left-hand drive systems during straight mowing and turning with complete speed control to prevent damage to turf.  Sealed IP65/67 construction protects the drive system from water ingress and other turf chemicals.  Nidec has a portfolio of high efficiency motor laminations to cover a wide range of power requirements.  Nidec can custom-design a motor winding for the customer’s speed, voltage, and power requirements.

Power Level 0.5 - 5 kW
Voltage Range 24-150V
RPM Range Up to 6,000 RPM


Reel Motors
Nidec reel motors are trusted to cut some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world.  Nidec reel motors use servo style brushless PMAC motors for maximum precision and accuracy for reel cutting applications where the quality of cut needs to be excellent.  Reel motors are used for some of the highest grade turf in the world such as professional golf courses or professional sports turf.  An all electric cutting system eliminates the potential for hydraulic leaks and prevents chemical damage to grass. Nidec high efficiency brushless synchronous motors allow for precise adjustment of speed relative to vehicle speed to maintain high quality of cut with RPM changes.  Nidec lawncare motors are fully encapsulated to protect the electronic components from vibration, heat, and moisture in tough lawn care use cases.  Nidec reel motors can be designed and supplied for direct drive for simple, quiet control.  Nidec brushless permanent magnet motors can be made with hall sensors or in a sensorless configuration where length is critical.

Power Level 1.5 kW
Voltage Range 48V
RPM Range 0 - 4,000 RPM



Nidec offers controls to pair with high efficiency BLDC motors. Nidec controllers provide superior motor control to some of the other options available, utilizing field oriented control, CANopen, Roborun software, and scripting capabilities for complete customization and system integration. Controls are fully sealed and IP65 rated to ensure long life of mowing in the harshest commercial mowing use cases. With experience in automation and commercial lawn care, Nidec has deep technical application expertise to work with customers to co-develop an engineered solution based on motor and control platforms from initial concept to a safe and successful production launch.


Peak Current 120 Arms
 Input Voltage 48 VDC
 IP Rating IP65
 Other Features Field Oriented Control, CANOpen, Roborun Autotune and Scripting

This is a sampling of our capabilities and products. Please contact us with your particular requirements.

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