With JET PLUS pre-engineered car and hall operating stations, it’s easier than ever to choose the right fixtures at the right price. And with JET PLUS delivery, your order will ship within four weeks.

Ordering is simple with our wide selection of flexible pre-priced configurations. Configurations that include No. 4 satin finish stainless steel or muntz cover plates, GAL trouble-free push button and key switch modules, digital displays and hands-free phone systems.

With our complete and easy to use order forms, you can clearly specify your needs. This virtually eliminates the approval process, saving you time and money. And with our time-saving price list, you can accurately price your order.

Of course, JET PLUS fixtures are designed to meet all ANSI, CSA and ADA requirements and will accommodate all local and state codes.

For brochure, download the Fixtures CE-04 PDF file.

  • Creating a Custom Look

    With JET PLUS you can order basic stations, or mix cover materials, button and key switch styles to create a custom look.



  • Phone Options

    Stations can be ordered with GAL’s hands-free phone cover mounted, or mounted within the telephone compartment.

  • Digital Position Indicators
    If you like digital position indicators, JET PLUS offers a choice of integral or separate displays. All stations with integral displays are designed so the characters are located six feet above the finished floor. For a low-cost but visually dramatic alternative, choose our 514-MD multi-light character display.

  • Cylinders
    Choose between our standard Chicago cylinders or the high security of Medeco cylinders. The round or square key switch design will be matched to your push button choice.
  • Push Button Modules
    Choose from our versatile line of high quality trouble-free push button modules. Any of the push buttons shown below can be used for your JET PLUS order. Push buttons with metal caps will be matched to your cover material choice.

  • Extender Stations
    When lowering existing hall station buttons to ADA height requirements, use our surface mounted extender stations.
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