Materials and Finishes

  • Available Finishes


    Stainless Steel #4

    Stainless Steel #8


    Satin Stainless Steel

               Bronze #4       


        Bronze #8    

    Dark Oxidized

  • Textured Metal Finishes

    Click on a photo to enlarge. For a list of all textured metals, please visit Rigidized Metals.






  • Powder Coat Finishes

    Click on an image to enlarge.

    Standard Powder Coats (SPC)


    CEI-SPC 010

    CEI SPC 020


    CEI SPC 030

    CEI SPC 040


    CEI SPC 050

    CEI SPC 060


    CEI- SPC 070

    CEI- SPC 080


    CEO-SPC 090


    Premium Powder Coats (PPC)



    CEI-PPC 010

    CEI-PPC 020


    CEI-PPC 030

    CEI-PPC 040


    CEI-PPC 050

    CEI-PPC 060


    CEI-PPC 070

    CEI-PPC 080



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