Hydraulic Elevator Motors

A selection of the highly engineered products developed for the elevator industry by Imperial Electric are included in our Hydraulic Elevators section. Imperial Electric has more than 100 years of experience in electrodynamic devices with reliable and efficient results. Select your product below.

  • AC Submersible Hydraulic Motors

    Compact, open-frame construction delivers a lightweight, high-performance, submersible solution.   

    The Imperial Electric AC Submersible Hydraulic Motors are ruggedly built, highly efficient units. Open-construction, asynchronous motors are perfectly suited for wet operations. The hydraulic fluid cools the motors as they work. Motor leads are extra length, non-wicking for flexible unit positioning.   

    The Frame 217Z submersible motors are compatible with pump units from most major manufacturers. The motors offer the advantages of small size and lightweight coupled with high starting torque and low starting current. 


    • Rolled steel construction  
    • Submersible enclosure  
    • Stock motors dual rated for 80 or 120 starts per hour  
    • 10 through 50 HP  
    • 3,600 rpm  
    • Voltages: 200, 230/460, 575 AC 3-phase, 60 Hz  
    • Single ball bearing  
    • High starting torque  
    • Adapter kits available for alternate pumps  
    • UL/CSA CUS Certified 

    AC Submersible Hydraulic Motors duty table, 80 starts per hour


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  • AC Dry Hydraulic Motors

    Quiet and efficient, AC dry hydraulic motors were designed for use with belted hydraulic pump systems. Imperial Electric AC Dry Hydraulic Motors are exceptionally quiet, highly efficient, and built for rugged duty. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) designs are available for most ratings.   

    Rated for 80 or 120 starts per hour, the AC Dry Hydraulic Motor is a drop-in replacement for existing motors, making any elevator modernization project more efficient. 


    • Drip-proof enclosure  
    • 600–1,800 rpm  
    • Single and two bearing designs  
    • Encoder and encoder mounting options  
    • Hot rolled steel shafts  
    • UL/CSA CUS Certified 

    AC Dry Hydraulic Motors duty table, 80 starts per hour

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