Group Controllers

Group Controllers

Group Controllers from MCE include:

  • iCentral for iControl
  • mGroup for Motion 2000 and Motion 4000
  • IntellaNet Group
  • M3 and AIM controls for other product lines

  • iCentral

    iCentral group control for iControl elevators permits group sizes from two to fifteen cars servicing up to 150 floors.

    iCentral PC boards and components

    Part Number Description
    24-03-0040 Ethernet hub, 8-port
    24-04-0037* iView/iCue PC DELL 3020 w/WIN 7
    24-10-0073 Network iInterface card for iCue PC
    24-01-0025 Monitor 17" black LCD
    24-01-0044 Keyboard
    24-07-0001 Mouse
    24-10-0075 PC ACC SWITCH KVM 2 PORT USB
    C-ETHERNET-BLU-10 Ethernet cable, 10 ft. blue
    C-ETHERNET-BLU-5 Ethernet cable, 5 ft. blue
    C-ETHERNET-BLU-50 Ethernet cable, 50 ft. blue
    C-ETHERNET-ORG-10 Ethernet cable, 10 ft. orange
    C-ETHERNET-ORG-5 Ethernet cable, 5 ft. orange
    C-ETHERNET-ORG-50 Ethernet cable, 50 ft. orange
    HC-MPU-M Main Processing Unit-Use with DBD
    SC-HCDA-T Serial hall call driver
    SC-HCE-2* Serial to ethernet module
    SC-HCNT-KIT Hall call node kit, timed
    SC-ION-F* iCentral I/O board

    * Requires configuration (24 hour lead time)

  • mGroup

    Dispatching for Motion 4000 and Motion 2000 controllers. Supports group sizes to six cars serving up to 32 floors and 64 openings.

    mGroup PC boards and components

    Part Number Description
    HC-CHP-T* CAN hub and power supply board
    HC-DAB Duplex adapter board
    HC-UIO-2-T* Universal input/output board
    MC-MCP* Group processor and display assembly
    SC-3HN Three input serial hall call node board
    C-RJ12-xx (xx=length) CAN cables (CAN hub to board)

    *Board requires configuration (24 hour lead time)

  • IntellaNet Group

    The IntellaNet dispatcher supports groups of up to nine cars serving 64 single or double openings.

    IntellaNet group PC boards and components

    Part Number Description
    OT-M00237 8 channel I/O board
    OT-M00299 Car station board
    OT-M00397 Display board
    OT-M00398 MPU board

  • M3 and AIM controls for Other Product Lines

    M3 or AIM PC boards

    Part Number Description
    HC-CI/O* Call I/O board
    HC-I0X I/O expander board
    HC-I40 I/O expander 16in/4out
    MC-ARS AUX RS-232/422 board
    MC-MRS-1 Mini RS-232/422 board
    MC-RS RS-232/422 board
    SP-GPM3-CGP4 Swing panel Group M3
    (Software not included)

    *Suffix may change depending on job configuration

    Serial hall call

    SC-HCC-48/-98 Serial hall call controller board
    SC-HCDA Hall call driver assembly

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