SCR Drives

SCR Drives

MCE System 12 SCR drives are available in different versions depending upon power requirements.

The MCE System 12 SCR drive may be used on any of several MCE DC elevator controllers.

System 12 drive components

Part Number Description
17-02-0032 Semiconductor fuse 250 A
33-03-0011 SCR (162 A, 1600V, SCR pack)
33-03-0021 SCR (330 A, 1200V SCR pack)
33-03-0014 Dual diode pack (105 A, 1500V diode/diode)
35-12-0009 Siemens M1/M2 contactor
SCR-LGA IMC-SCR advanced logic board
SCR-PS Power supply board
DS18-AB-SIE-RET-KT Contactor kit to upgrade from Allen Bradley to Siemens
C-COMM-37P-F-DS18 Power box to SCR drive cable (iControl)
C-ETHERNET-BGE-10 Phone jack cable from iBox to SCR drive (J8, shielded Cat5, 8 pin ethernet cable)
C-ISCR/26C-4 Ribbon from SCR-LGA to IMC-MB or IMC-MBX (IMC controller)
24-10-0009 6 feet phone jack. Phone jack cable LGA (J8) to IMC-MB or IMC-MBX (IMC controller)

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