About Canton Elevator

Founded in 1946, Ohio-based Canton Elevator provides comprehensive elevator packages, project management and custom designed solutions to a broad range of elevator contracting companies throughout the vertical transportation industry. Anchored by a team of experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to providing superior service, and grounded in the philosophy that the success of our business is measured one job at a time. Canton Elevator has enjoyed an impeccable reputation for over 70 years and became the leader in the hydraulic elevator industry. We have recently expanded our portfolio of traction elevators to include the Freedom Elevator brand.

Canton Elevator is now a part of Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC), a leading provider of commercial, industrial and appliance motors and controls, established in St. Louis, Missouri. NMC is a member of the global Nidec Group, a global manufacturer, and provider of electric motors and associated components with more than 100 manufacturing and sales locations, 170 subsidiaries, and 100,000 employees.

It is our philosophy that the success of each elevator project begins with our unparalleled dedication to a partnership. Our years of experience partnered with architects, consultants, and contractors allows us to deliver a product that is best suited for each application. We maintain a foundation of integrity and trust that has made Canton Elevator an ever-expanding contractor's choice, and one of the premier elevator equipment manufacturers in the country. Our products lift the lives of many, and we take immeasurable pride in the results we see every day. You’ll find our extensive involvement in holed and holeless technology development invaluable for your passenger and freight jobs as well as modernizations.

Among our prestigious projects include elevators at the Rose Bowl, Smithsonian, Carnegie Hall, JFK, Newark and O’Hare airports, Harvard and Princeton Universities, and the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

The Rose Bowl


Newark International Airport

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Princeton University

O'Hare International Airpot

Carnegie Hall

Harvard University

JFK International Airport

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