IMfinity® liquid cooled motors: LC range

JUN 24, 2016

The IMfinity® induction motor range developed by Leroy-Somer has now expanded with the Liquid Cooled (LC) series. Designed to withstand harsh environments and meet specific requirements, the LC motor range is a step forward to satisfy the most demanding customer expectations


A design that enhances performance

Based on the success and reliability of the IMfinity platform, the LC motors achieve the highest electrical and mechanical performance, including some innovative characteristics:


The latest generation frame housing, with cast iron or steel flanges for DE and NDE bearings, allowing excellent heat dissipation


A sophisticated cooling system which maintains the thermal efficiency, enabling the motor to

be used together with a variable speed drive, for Heavy Duty applications that require constant torque


Reduced noise level, decreased in average by -10 to -20 dB (A) compared to air-cooled motors (due to the lack of fan), offering ultimate comfort


Improved modularity thanks to its fabricated steel design, providing higher flexibility for retrofit installation


The liquid cooling system of LC motors, provided by water circulation over the frame housing, offers additional significant advantages, such as the power-weight ratio (increased power in the same motor frame size) and compactness (saving up to 25% of volume compared to an air-cooled motor for easier and less costly integration within a machine or a system. Moreover, LC technology makes it possible to eliminate external components, such as ventilation equipment.

A design that optimizes energy efficiency

Based on the new IMfinity® induction motor range, the LC series has been designed to achieve the efficiency levels defined in IEC 60034-30-1. As standard, LC motors are IE3 Premium from 150 to 1500 kW.

Perfectly suited for a use in variable speed, the LC motor has been designed to integrate specific features as standard, such as a thermal reserve for maintaining the rated torque over an extended speed range. In order to meet particular requirements, options can be provided upon request: reinforced winding insulation, insulated bearings and the motor can be equipped with an encoder for applications that require precise positioning.

Easy to use, variable speed can generate immediate operating profits, such as up to 50% energy savings (depending on the application and operating conditions) or increased productivity as a result of improving the process and reducing machine downtime. The ROI is consequently extremely quick. 


A design giving priority to safety and reliability 

Benefitting from optional IP56 or IP65 protection to safeguard against external hazards, the LC range is fitted with a water leakage detector to control the water circuit reliability. Another option, space heaters ensure safety during motor start-up, while winding and endshield thermal protection control and monitor the motor temperature. 


A design facilitating maintenance 

Developed to reduce operating costs without compromising industry needs, LC motors are equipped with a patented breathable membrane. This completely waterproof (IP 66 minimum) feature considerably reduces condensates, whose evacuation is achieved by drain plugs.

The Liquid-Cooled technology ensures a clean surrounding environment, as there is no pollution associated with airflow. Moreover, there is no impact on ambient temperature, as the waste heat from the motor is carried away by the cooling circulation. For these reasons, the risk of installation ageing and malfunctioning .due to air pollution and high temperatures is considerably lowered. 


This reliability ensures easy maintenance of the motor within customer systems. 

An easy-to-select and easy-to-install solution, the new LC motors are particularly recommended for plastics & rubber, test stands, industrial refrigeration, marine and nuclear applications, and crushers for the food and animal feed industry. 

Key features :

  • Frame sizes: 315 to 500 (< 315 and > 500 on request)
  • Voltage: 400 V for 315 to 450 mm / 690V for 500 mm
  • Number of poles: 2, 4 & 6.
  • Power: 150 to 1,500 kW
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Insulation class: F or H
  • Mounting: B3, B35 and V1 (other position on request)
  • Double nameplate: DOL + variable speed characteristics


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