Nidec Founder Addresses Leroy-Somer Employees

FEB 03, 2017




The founder and CEO of Nidec has visited Leroy-Somer to outline his vision for the future of the businesses. Shigenobu Nagamori, who launched Nidec in Kyoto, Japan in 1973, presented to Leroy-Somer staff at their headquarters in Angouleme, France on February 3. The event was simultaneously broadcast to Leroy-Somer staff across the world. 

Mr Nagamori spoke about the opportunities presented to the business, and was positive about the impact Nidec could have in the future. Questions were invited from existing staff members regarding investment, job security and proposals for future growth. 


S Nagamori

Mr Nagamori said: “We are pleased to welcome Leroy-Somer into the Nidec family. We have strong ambitions for the company to grow, and Nidec is committed to providing the necessary support and investment to make that happen. Industries which require the use of electric motors, and therefore drives, will form the backbone of the world’s economy in the future. Look at the expansion in the use of robots, electric vehicles and drones. All these items need motors, and all those motors need drives. There are clear opportunities for Leroy-Somer and ultimately Nidec to prosper here. Our policy is to put the systems in place which will encourage growth. We will train high calibre people, and encourage those already working for the businesses to enhance their abilities. We will put great emphasis on research and development. As an R&D engineer myself, I know that it is technology which will ensure our businesses succeed. Leroy-Somer and Nidec offer each other great synergy, and working together we can improve and make our goals a reality.”


Nidec boasts a strong track record of facilitating growth among its business, through investment in engineering, design and resources. It has also demonstrated a clear strategy to drive growth in the company, as well as providing considerable benefits to customers through a far wider range of available products and services. Leroy-Somer’s product ranges offer a complementary fit with the Nidec line-up, bringing significant benefits for all parties and, importantly, their respective customer bases. The combination will now allow Nidec to sell the entire range of products as a package into all key market spaces, while also allowing Leroy-Somer access to new markets. 

Nidec motor 

Nidec manufactures electric motors and related components, including small precision motors, motors for automotive, commercial and industrial applications, and medium voltage motors and generators. It employs around 140,000 people worldwide and has operations in over 40 countries. It has been actively developing a new growth platform with particular focus on appliance, industrial and commercial business.


Xavier Trenchant, President of Leroy-Somer said: “We are proud to integrate a business striving to become the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer and to join forces to meet the needs and expectations of our worldwide customers. With such a dynamic and trustworthy company, we look towards the future with confidence

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