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Nidec is the number one comprehensive maker of electric motors in the world. As part of that global motor leadership, Nidec has several innovative brands in our portfolio, including Nidec Drives, Nidec Automation, and the U.S. MOTORS brand®, just to name a few. Our products and services have been powering technology across a spectrum of applications for over a century.

Many of our products and services are focused on delivering two of the drivers for our modern-day markets: variable speed operation and high energy efficiency. We manufacture many high-efficiency products that fall into the brushless DC (BLDC) motor, controlled induction motor (CIM) and switched reluctance (SR) motor categories. Our products are constructed to be robust and energy-efficient, suiting them to a multitude of industry applications.

If you’re in the market for AC motors, DC motors, gear motors, NEMA motors, permanent magnet motors, servo motors, motor drives, or motion control custom solutions, Nidec Motor Corporation is your best choice. Even if the high-quality motors or drives available in our extensive product lines don’t quite meet your requirements, our talented engineering teams are skilled at custom-designing solutions for a variety of systems. We take pride in the fact our products and services help drive our customers’ processes efficiently and reliably. They trust us to supply cost-effective and energy-efficient motors and drives – and so can you.