Choose your lobby-side entrance appearance from these typical standard treatments and finishing techniques. Offered also but not shown are laminate-clad doors that allow you to coordinate with a particular decor or match your cab interior. The selection of colors or laminates is limited only by your imagination or availability of material.Single-slide, center-opening, two-speed, or custom two-speed center-opening and three-speed doors can be provided to meet your requirements. All doors are 1-1/2-hour “B” fire labeled and filled with fireproof sound-deadening material. Standard entrances use square profile jambs, however, bullnose, radius and other treatments are available. This information is intended for preliminary planning. We have attempted to include the basic data that you will require in your planning efforts. For details about specific or custom installations, please contact your local Canton Elevator representative, or contact us directly.

All entrances meet ANSI code requirements. Single slide, center opening, and two speed shown. Other arrangements available.

It is recommended that the entrance wall be left open until door frames and sills are set in place. If this is not possible, then a rough opening must be provided that is 1′-0″ wider and 6″ higher than door opening. Wall is to be completed and sills (and frames as required) are to be grouted by others after entrances are installed in place.

For brochure, download the CE-03 PDF file.

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Center-opening doors with offset-type transom and finished in enamel. Single-slide door with flat trim frame all in No.4 brushed stainless steel. Baked enamel single-slide door with steel frame finished in second enamel hue.


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