Submersible Power Units

Contemporary elevator systems utilize the most trouble-free and easily serviced components available. The submersible pump units built by Canton Elevator are defined by that criteria and use only the highest grade materials available. There are no external pipes or fittings to leak and no belts to break, stretch or adjust.

  • Furnished with silencer as standard
  • Factory adjusted, ready for operation and simple to readjust control valve
  • Furnished complete with motor wire junction box and knockouts on both sides of unit, and provision for immersible oil heater
  • Grooved or threaded outlets available (grooved is standard)
  • Special dual units available
  • Built-in pressure gauge

A B C Use Gal. Max. Gal.
2444 24 3/4" 47 1/2" 42" 55 123
3252 32 3/4" 54 3/4" 50" 138 227

NOTE: Other sizes available to meet job conditions.

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