NEMA Motors

High-quality NEMA motors that offer energy efficiency and reliable power

Members of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) set certain energy efficiency standards for motors in North America. NEMA motors must meet a high standard of energy efficiency to be considered NEMA Premium® efficient. Nidec Motor Corporation has been creating superior motors for over a century, and many of our current-day motors are NEMA-compliant. We offer these NEMA motors across a variety of brands – all of which provide quality and reliability.


The HURST® brand started as a humble, family-owned tool shop in 1950 – but it grew into a powerhouse offering first-rate motors valued by its customers. Now part of the largest motor company in the world, the HURST brand manufactures NEMA motors that run the range from AC motors to brushless DC motors.



The LEROY-SOMER™ brand, founded by Marcellin Leroy back in 1919 in France, has a reputation for delivering high-quality products that include alternators, drive systems and motors. We offer a variety of NEMA motors under this brand. You can depend on LEROY-SOMER brand motors to provide energy efficiency, dependability and cost-effectiveness.



The U.S. MOTORS® brand kicked off in 1908 in Los Angeles, California and continues driving customer solutions with energy-efficient products to this day. All our U.S. MOTORS brand NEMA motors comply with energy requirements. They provide the reliable power you require to keep your products and processes running smoothly with as few maintenance delays as possible.