Single Phase Motors

Single phase motors providing ease of maintenance and extreme energy efficiency

Nidec is the largest maker of electric motors in the world. We’ve built a reputation as a powerhouse in the motor industry, and our single-phase motors display our passion for innovation and quality. Single-phase motors typically have low maintenance requirements, resulting in a long-lived product. When repairs are required, they’re typically straightforward and easily-completed.

Particularly well-suited for applications that don’t require a high level of horsepower, our single-phase motors last for years – running with the energy-efficiency and reliability long associated with the Nidec name. You can depend on our products to power your processes with precision and durability. We offer quality single-phase motors under several highly regarded brands. Our expert engineering teams are also able to custom-design single-phase motors for unique customer requirements.



 Our LEROY-SOMER™ brand, founded in France, has been pioneering products since 1919. This brand is widely recognized around the world as a manufacturer of mainly electric motors, drives and alternators. Single-phase motors under the LEROY-SOMER brand offer advantages like ease of integration, small size, extreme adaptability and high reliability.



Our U.S. MOTORS® brand first started back in 1908 in Los Angeles, California – and has been blazing trails in the motor industry ever since. Single-phase motors carrying the U.S. MOTORS brand provide great efficiency and longevity to the products they power. They meet or exceed all energy requirements and offer easy upkeep.