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Imperial Electric, part of Nidec Elevator, of Nidec Corp., is one of the world’s largest suppliers of elevator motors and machine supplies, producing approximately 50,000 motors and machines per year for OEMs and independent elevator contractors. Our products include a full line of gearless and geared traction machines, AC and DC elevator motors, hydraulic submersible and dry (under the tank) motors, custom and universal machine bases, car slings and platforms.

Imperial was founded in Akron, Ohio, in 1889 by a group of investors, related to Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, who were manufacturing electro-dynamic devices. In 1910, Imperial created the Elevator Division as a dedicated entity. Imperial was part of Kinetek Co., a Jordan Company that had nine companies in the U.S., Italy, Mexico and China. Nidec Corp., from Japan, purchased Kinetek in 2012 to become more involved in the elevator industry. With 240 companies in 45 countries worldwide, Nidec’s more than 140,000 employees work to help their counterparts achieve the business’ strategic initiatives. With more than 100 years’ experience in the space, the company’s biggest accomplishment has been changing with the times and finding new solutions that make field installations faster while lowering client costs.

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