Alphabetical Part Number List

Alphabetical Part Number List

  • 11-02-0033 to 60-52-0012
    11-02-0033 Sensor head, Motion 4000 ELGO/160mm
    11-02-0042 Sensor head, Motion 4000 ELGO/240mm
    11-03-0003 Line driver with LCD RS232 female
    11-04-PRTE Sandwich board pair, tach error mod
    11-20-0100 Tape guide w/ holes
    11-22-0001 CE fixture interface board
    11-22-0006 CE fixture interface board #CE2848
    11-22-0007 E-Motive fixture interface board
    11-22-0008 CE driver board, Tricon
    11-22-0010 CE fixture interface board, Hi, Motion
    11-95-0001 Field brake control8100-10A
    11-DB-3001 Universal door board
    17-02-0032 Fuse 500VAC 250AMP Semiconductor, 12-pulse SCR
    24-03-0003 Modem 56K internal V.92
    24-03-0036 Ethernet switch, 8-port
    24-03-0039 Ethernet switch, 5-port
    24-04-0036 iView/iCue PC/290 Optiplex
    24-10-0016 Serial port extender 8-port
    24-10-0073 Network interface card for PC
    26-95-0012 Echelon module TP/XF-78
    27-01-0001 Relay power, A77, DP contactor, 2NO
    27-01-0024 Relay, 4 form C, PM17AY-120VAC
    27-01-0026 Relay, 4 form C, PM17AY-240VAC
    27-01-0027 Relay, 2 form C, PRD11AYO, MOM/H
    27-01-0055 Relay, 4 form C 3A 24VDC socket mt
    27-03-0004 Relay, 4 form C, HC4-AC115, with LED
    27-05-0001 Relay, 2 form C, PRD11AHO-120V, MBO
    30-01-0001 Power supply 5V 3AMP
    30-01-0013 24VDC power supply
    30-02-0001 Power supply TRI output 5V6A/12V1A
    30-05-0022 Board battery pack, 20AA, TAPS
    30-05-0004 Battery pack, TAPS
    30-05-0023 UPS battery, TAPS
    30-95-0002 5V, 6A power supply, Tricon
    30-95-0007 24 VDC power supply, Tricon
    31-01-0002 Resistor 1/4W 22 OHM (HC-PCIO & HC-CI/O)
    33-01-0008 Diode, Zener, 10V, 1N4740A
    (HC-PCIO & HC-CI/O)
    33-01-0025 Diode BR/SCR 36A 1600 VHF36
    33-03-0011 SCR/SCR 162 AMP 1600V
    33-03-0014 Diode/Diode 105AMP 1500V
    33-03-0021 SCR/SCR 330 AMP 1200V
    33-05-0002-A Triac 33-05-0002 with cut leads
    33-05-0005-A Triac 8 800V MAC228A10 with cut leads
    33-08-0012 IGBT 24AMP 600V with Diode
    33-08-0013 IGBT 50AMP 1200V, SI2 brake
    33-08-0019 Brake IGBT for performa
    33-20-0006 Inductive proximity sensor 4mm, 5mm cable
    33-20-0007 Inductive proximity sensor, 15mm, 5mm cable
    35-04-0037 Contactor, surge suppressor, TAPS 6kVA-240
    35-04-0038 Interlock adapter for 35-95-0006, TAPS 6kVA-240
    35-12-C85 Contactor, ATL 20/25/42/50/60 HP
    35-12-K09-24D Contactor, ATL 6.8A, 24 VDC
    35-12-0011 Coil AC w/ DC interface for 35-12-C85
    35-12-0209 Contactor, mech links 10mm, TAPS 3kVA & 6kVA-480
    35-13-EEEB Overload 5.4-27A solid state for C23 contactor
    35-13-EEFD Overload 9-45A solid state for C43 contactor
    35-13-EEGE Overload 18-90A solid starter for C85 contactor
    35-95-0006 Interlock, 3RA1954-2A, TAPS 6kVA-240
    35-95-0014 Interlock, 50/65/80/95A, TAPS 3kVA & 6kVA-480
    35-95-0037 Contactor, ATL 50/60/125/150HP, TAPS 6kVA-240
    35-95-0050 Contact, surge suppressor, TAPS 3kVA & 6kVA-480
    35-95-0147 Contactor, ATL 15/20/40/50HP, Siemens, TAPS 3kVA
    37-01-0020 Barrier TB 24 position, VVC drives
    40-10-0002-B LS-QUTE tape steel solid 3"wide bulk
    40-10-0003 LS-QUAD tape steel perforated 3" wide 3/4" hole
    40-10-0004 LS-QUTE tape stainless steel solid
    3" wide
    40-11-0001 6” magnet
    40-11-0007 2.5” magnet
    40-11-0008 5” magnet
    40-11-0009 7.5” magnet
    40-11-0010 10” magnet
    40-13-0008 Magnetic tape, Motion 4000 ELGO 160mm
    40-13-0009 Magnetic tape, Motion 4000 ELGO 240mm
    40-14-0003 6” magnet
    40-14-0002 3” magnet
    40-14-0020 1.5” magnet
    40-14-0019 Landing zone magnet, iLand
    40-25-0015 Column 14" long landing system pedestal
    40-25-0018 Column 20” long landing system pedestal
    44-03-0024 iControl traveler cable, large
    44-03-0025 iControl traveler cable, small
    44-03-0026 iControl hoistway cable, large
    44-03-0027 iControl hoistway cable, small
    44-03-0029 Tricon traveler cable
    44-03-0034 Motion traveler cable
    45-95-0101 N pole magnetic tape, 6-inches
    45-95-0102 S pole magnetic tape, 6-inches
    60-52-0008 BNC to RCA (plug) adapter
    60-52-0009 BNC to discrete wires adapter (Balun)
    60-52-0010 Video LCD
    60-52-0012 Switch panel

  • A to E
    ACBU-L50 Brake unit 230VAC 50AMP rev 2
    ADPT-9P-RJ11 D-sub 9PIN male TO RJ11 adaptor
    C-95-0078 Cable M/F DB 15-pin, 8 ft.
    C-COMM-9P-F-HCDA Serial hall call, ribbon to 9-pin D cable
    C-ETHERNET-BLU-5 Ethernet cable, 5 ft. blue
    C-ETHERNET-BLU-10 Ethernet cable, 10 ft. blue
    C-ETHERNET-BLU-50 Ethernet cable, 50 ft. blue
    C-ETHERNET-ORG-5 Ethernet cable, 5 ft. orange
    C-ETHERNET-ORG-10 Ethernet cable, 10 ft. orange
    C-ETHERNET-ORG-50 Ethernet cable, 50 ft. orange
    C-HB/QSB-6 / -12 Cable, header board to sensor board
    (6 or 12 inch)
    C-RJ11-CAN-xx Cable, car panel to car top box
    (xx = length inches)
    C-RJ12-xx Cable, CAN hub to board
    (xx = length inches)
    DS32-LGA Drive 12-pulse 325A LGA-R2 DS
    DSH18-S Drive 12-pulse 180A HV
    DSL18-S Drive 12-pulse 180A LV
    EC-MCB A processor board, Motion 3000ES
    EC-SCB B processor board, Motion 3000ES
    EC-DISP Display board, Motion 3000ES
    EC-INSP-BOX Inspection control & cable, Motion 3000ES
    EC-ADJ-PNL LED adjustment panel
    EC-ADJ-LCD LCD adjustment panel
    EMUL-ADDS260LF-KIT Emulator kit

  • H
    HC-ACI AC drive interface board
    HC-ACI-D Interface board for series M DC
    HC-ACIF AC drive interface with flux vector
    HC-CCDB MOM/MOH door board for cartop
    HC-CHP /-M CAN hub and power supply board
    (-M if iMonitor equipped)
    HC-CI/O Call I/O board
    HC-CI/O-E Call I/O board PHC/PTC
    HC-CI/O-EL Call I/O board PHC/PTC LOW voltage
    HC-CI/O-L Call I/O board low voltage
    HC-CI/O-LVHC Call I/O board low voltage HI current
    HC-CI/O-N Call I/O board neon lamp
    HC-CS Current sensor board LEM-70A
    HC-CTL Control board
    HC-CTL-NB Control board no bypass switches
    HC-DAB Duplex adaptor board
    HC-DB-MOD MOD door board
    HC-DB-MOD-R MOD rear door board
    HC-DB-MOM/H MOM/H door board
    HC-DB-MOM/HR MOM/H rear door board rev 1-1
    HC-DFLS DF landing system board
    HC-DFLS-TR DF landing system board traction
    HC-DFQ DF-QUIK landing system board
    HC-DFQ-TR DF-QUIK landing system board traction
    HC-DO-DRIVE-R8 SmarTraq drive rev 8
    HC-DO-DRIVE-MODULE SmarTraq drive, replacement module det
    HC-DPS Door power supply rev 1-1
    HC-DPS-MOM/H MOM/H door board with power supply R3-3
    HC-DPS-MOM/HR MOM/H RR door board with power supply R3-3
    HC-DVR Driver board, Motion 2000
    HC-EI-05B15 Encoder interface 5VENC 15VDR
    HC-EI-15B05 Encoder interface 15VENC 5VDR
    HC-ENCS-12V Encoder interface 12V F/SCR Performa R 1
    HC-EQ2 Earthquake 2 board
    HC-ETS Overspeed detect board rev 1-2
    HC-ETS-I ETS/INSP LEV overspeed board
    rev 1-2
    HC-GB Gong board with 2 relays
    HC-GB-4 Gong board with 4 relays
    HC-HBF Doorlock bypass front ASME
    HC-HBFR Doorlock bypass front/rear ASME
    HC-I4O I/O expander 16IN/4OUT
    HC-IOX I/O Expander board
    HC-IOX-L 8 I/O & load weighing
    HC-IPLS IP landing system board
    HC-IPLS-TR IP landing system board A17 traction
    HC-LB-BF Lock bypass with FD & RG rev 3-5
    HC-LC-L Load weigh Xfrmation board rev 2-0
    HC-LSQ LSQ landing system board rev 0-0
    HC-LSQ-P Encoder interface power supply
    rev 0-0
    HC-LWIP Load weigher board, isolated platform
    HC-LWIPA Load weigher isolated platform box assy
    HC-MPU Main processor board
    HC-MPU-M Main processor board (iMonitor ethernet connection)
    HC-OA-120-12 Output adaptor board 120V 12 POS
    HC-OA-120-16 Output adaptor board 120V 16 POS
    HC-OA-24-12 Output adaptor board 24V 12
    HC-OA-24-16 Output adaptor board 24V 16
    HC-OA-48-12 Output adaptor board 48V 12
    HC-OA-48-16 Output adaptor board 48V 16
    HC-PCIO Power call I/O board
    HC-PCIO-L Power call I/O board LOW V
    HC-PCIO-LVHC Power call I/O board LV HC
    HC-PI/O Power input/output board
    HC-PIX PI expander board 8-POS
    HC-PIX-16 PI expander board 16-POS
    HC-RB-1 Hydro relay board ATL rev 01
    HC-RB-1SP Relay board 1 speed AC rev 01
    HC-RB-1YD Hydro relay board WYE DELTA rev 01
    HC-RB-2 Traction relay board
    HC-RB-2SP Relay board 2 speed AC
    HC-RB4 Traction relay board
    HC-RB4-2SP Traction relay board 2 speed
    HC-RB4-SCR Traction SCR relay board
    HC-RB4-SCRI Traction IMC SCR telay board
    HC-RB4-VFAC VFAC relay board
    HC-RB-ALI Relay board for ALIMAK
    HC-RB-DYNA Relay board for DYNALIFT
    HC-RBH Hydro relay board
    HC-RB-SCR Relay board for SCR
    HC-RB-VFAC Relay board variable freq AC rev 02
    HC-RD Logic rear door board
    HC-RDR Rear door board
    HC-RDRB-D Rear door relay board-depend
    HC-RDRB-I Rear door relay board-independ
    rev 0-0
    HC-RPSDB MOM/MOH door board power supply
    HC-RST SCR auto reset board rev 0-0
    HC-RT Relay tester board rev 1-1
    HC-RT10 Resistor termination board w/ ten 15K res
    HC-RT20 Resistor termination noard w/ twenty 15K res
    HC-RT20-A Resistor termination board for NYTA
    HC-RTF Regen transistor failure rev 0-0
    HC-SB1 Sensor board for LS-QUAD-2
    HC-SCR SCR interface board for pattern generator
    HC-SCR-GPG SCR interface board for GPG
    HC-SIB Selectable input board
    HC-SRT-H240 240 Volt SR timer board
    HC-SRT-L120 120 Volt SR timer board
    HC-TAB-2 Tract adaptor board
    HC-TAB-DF Tract adaptor board/DIST.FB
    HC-TAB-INT Tract adaptor board with INT SPD
    HC-TACH-MG Tach adjust board VVMC-MG controller
    HC-TACH-SCR Tach adjust board for VVMC-SCRcontroller
    HC-UIO Universal I/O board

  • I and L
    i-BOX-1 iBox main processing system
    i-BOX-1-MI iBox, no DL bypass
    ICE-COP Serial car operating panel board
    ICE-CTP PCBA ICE cartop board assy
    ICE-EB Emergency brake board
    ICE-IEQ PCBA ICE earthquake board
    ICE-IRB Relay board
    ICE-IRD iControl rear door board
    ICE-FLASH-32MB Flash card, 32 MB
    ICE-MIAC PCBA ICE main process AC input-16IN
    ICE-MOR PCBA ICE main processor relay board assy
    ICE-RG ICE rope gripper for ICE-RG
    ICE-SAF Safety processor board
    ICE-SF-CE CE serial fixture interface board
    ICE-SF-EM E-Motive serial fixture interface board
    ICE-SRAM 2MB static RAM, 2MB
    IFIELD-MODULE-F ICE field module assembly
    I-LAND-1-C iLand compact assembly/front only
    I-LAND-2-C iLand compact assembly/front and rear
    IMC-ACIB IMC-AC interface for baldor
    IMC-ACIK IMC-AC TorqMax (Keb) drive I/F board
    IMC-ACIM IMC-AC magnetek drive I/F board
    IMC-DAS Data acquisition board, encoder application
    IMC-DAS-EASI Data acquisition & encoder adaptor assembly
    IMC-DAS-MG Data acquisition sys board F/MG rev 6B
    IMC-DCP PCBA IMC-digital control processor
    IMC-DDP Int motor cont drive rev 11
    IMC-DDP-C Int motor cont with FP 1WS
    IMC-DDP-D PCBA performa DDP FP 1WS 8K EEProm
    IMC-DIO Digital I/O board
    IMC-G233H IMC-DRV gen 25ABF 30AMF, 35AGF
    IMC-GI2 IMC-DRV gen/int brake/25A
    IMC-GIO In mot cont general I/O
    IMC-GPA-I IMC gen power interface
    IMC-GPA-IH IMC gen power IF HI-CUR rev 2-1
    IMC-GPA-SI SCR gen power interface rev 2-3
    IMC-PRI-ENH IMC power enhanced interface board
    IMC-RI Relay interface board rev 3-5
    IMC-SPI SCR power interface board
    INET-RLY-2K Relay board, 2K compliant
    INET-RG-2K Rope gripper board, 2K compliant
    LS-TAPEMNTBOT-ELGO Tape mount, bottom
    LS-TAPEMNTOP-ELGO Tape mount, top
    LS-HB-F iLand header board
    LS-HSB-F iLand header board
    LS-MRDF Machine room distance feedback board, iLand slide
    LS-PEDESTAL-BSE Landing system pedestal kit
    LS-PSB Landing system proximity board, iLand slide
    LS-PS1 Mag prox switch (LS-QUAD)
    LS-PS2 Mag prox switch (LS-QUTE)
    LSQK2-ENCDR LS-QUIK encoder with flat base
    LSQK2-ENCDR-100 LS-QUIK encoder with flat base 100PPR
    LS-STAN5-SG-R-ASSY Cartop leveling assembly, iLand slide
    LS-T-SET9000-CB Control board
    LS-T-SET9000-HM Head mounting kit
    LS-T-SET9000-MC Channels kit
    LS-T-SET9000-TC Tape clamp
    LS-READERMNT-ELGO ELGO sensor mounting hardware
    LS-TAPEADPTR-ELGO Mounting adapter kit for 8# rail
    LS-TAPEMNTBOT-ELGO Bottom mounting arm/hardware kit, ELGO
    LS-TAPEMNTTOP-ELGO Top mounting arm/hardware kit, ELGO
    LW-SA-1 Load weigher sensor assembly
    LW4202 K-Tech load weigher unit

  • M
    M-Brake-Module Brake module 300VAC In 15A Out DiscrtCAN
    MC-ACFA AC feedback analog board
    rev 1-7
    MC-ACFA-DF AC feedback ALG/DF rev 1-7
    MC-ACFA-FV AC feedback ALG/FV rev 1-7
    MC-ACFA-FVDF AC feedback ALG/FVDF rev 1-7
    MC-ACFA-OL AC feedback ALG BD/OPEN LP rev 1-7
    MC-ACFR AC feedback relay board
    MC-ARS AUX. RS-232 interface board rev 0-2
    MC-CGP PCBA comm proc board 0 ports
    MC-CGP-4 PCBA comm proc board 4 ports
    MC-CGP-8 PCBA comm proc board 8 ports
    MC-CPI Car panel interface board
    MC-CP-1 Comm proc board rev 5A
    MC-CP-1A Comm proc board (MRS/ARS)
    rev 5-6
    MC-CP-1S Comm proc board SWAG LI
    rev 5A
    MC-CPA-1S CP ADV 1 serial sync
    MC-CPA-1SL CP ADV 1 serial sync local
    MC-CPA-4S CP ADV 4 serial sync
    MC-CP-G Comm proc board (Group) rev 5A
    MC-CP-GAS Comm proc (G/MRSARS) SWAG rev 5-6
    MC-CP-GM3 Comm proc (MC-DP) M3 rev 5-3
    MC-CP-GM3A Comm proc (MC-DP/ARS) rev 5-3
    MC-CP-GS Comm proc (Group) SWAG
    rev 5A
    MC-CSB Comp switch board rev 1-1
    MC-LSI Landing system interface board
    MC-MP-1E Main microprocessor with enhanced diag
    MC-MP-1ES Main microprocessor with enhanced diag
    MC-MP2 PCBA main processor advanced
    MC-MP2-2K Main processor advanced
    MC-MRS-1 MINI RS-232/422 PCBA rev 2-3
    MC-NC PCBA neuron serial comm
    MC-NIO-T PCBA neuron serial in/output tested
    MC-NIO-X PCBA neuron serial in/output extended
    MC-PA Peripheral adaptor board 2 port
    MC-PA-1 Peripheral adaptor board 4 port
    MC-PA-2K Peripheral adaptor board 2 port A17.1-00/B44-00
    MC-PC-1 Prog control basic board rev 44
    MC-PCA-0A PC adv Oser, Async, ISBX
    MC-PCA-0A2K PC adv programmable
    MC-PCA-0A3 PCBA adv Oser, Async, ISBX fast processor
    MC-PCA-0AR PC adv Oser, Async, RBN
    MC-PG Pattern generator board rev 1-4
    MC-PGAS Pattern generator I/O LI rev 2
    MC-PGSAF Pattern generator safety proc board
    MC-RS RS-232/422 board
    MOTOR4150-B1 Motor assembly for motor 4150 and base B1
    MOTOR4150-B3 Motor assembly for motor 4150 and base B3
    MOTOR4151-B1 Motor assembly for motor 4151 and base B1
    MOTOR4151-F Motor assembly for motor 4151 and flange
    MOTOR4152-B2 Motor assembly for motor 4152 and base B2
    MOTOR4157-F Motor assembly for motor 4157 and flange

  • O to S
    OT-M00098 MPU board, IntellaNet
    OT-M00173 Fuse board
    OT-M00210 Leveling unit encoder board
    OT-M00233 Leveling unit pretorque board
    OT-M00237 8-channel I/O expansion board
    OT-M00267 ETSL board
    OT-M00297 Leveling unit emitter/detector board
    OT-M00299 48-channel hall station board
    OT-M00331 Hall station expansion board
    OT-M00367 ETSL board
    OT-M00373 Lantern card, HD with 4-pole relay
    OT-M00393 CAN I/F for CE driver
    OT-M00396 Relay board with CAN interface
    OT-M00397 Display board
    OT-M00398 MPU board
    OT-M00399 16-Channel CAN I/F I/O expansion board
    OT-M00421 Gripper bypass board, rev 0.2
    P4-VANE-12# Vane assembly, 8/11/12# rail
    P4-VANE-15# Vane assembly, 15/18-1/2# rail
    P4-VANE-30# Vane assembly, 22-1/2/30# rail
    P4-VANE-3 3” vane and mounting hardware
    PEN-VANE-12# Proximity encoder vane assembly, 12# rail
    PEN-VANE-15# Proximity encoder vane assembly, 15# rail
    PEN-VANE-30# Proximity encoder vane assembly, 30# rail
    RCNTWK RC network 0.1MF & 47 OHM
    RDNTWK 0.5 resistor/diode network
    SC-3HN Serial hall call node board
    SC-BAH Bypass/access board for Hydro
    SC-BAHR Bypass/access rear board for Hydro
    SC-BAHR-SR33 Bypass/access rear board Hydro with SP Rly 33
    SC-BAHR-SR42 Bypass/access/rear board Hydro with SP Rly 42
    SC-BAH-SR33 Bypass/access board for Hydro with SP Rly 33
    SC-BAH-SR42 Bypass/access board for Hydro with SP Rly 42
    SC-BASE Bypass/access/overspeed/Emer brake F/non DF
    SC-BASE-D Bypass/access/overspeed/Emer brake F/DF
    SC-BASER Bypass/access/overspeed rear for non DF
    SC-BASER-D Bypass/access/overspeed rear DR BD F/DF
    SC-HCC-48 Serial comm hall call cntrl 48 flr & below
    SC-HCD Serial comm hall call driver
    SC-HCDA SC hall call driver assembly
    SC-HCE-EM Serial comm hall call ENE with digi EM
    SC-HCN Serial comm hall call node (obsolete)
    SC-HCN-48 Serial comm hall call node 48 flrs & below
    SC-HCN-98 Serial comm hall call node 49 flrs & above
    SC-HCN-A48 Serial com hall call node with com 48 flrs below
    SC-HCNT-KIT SmartLINK serial hall call kit
    SC-HCONN-KT Serial hall call connect kit tap/loop
    SC-HDIO High density I/O, A17.1-2000
    SC-ION I/O Discrete to serial converter board
    SCR-CA Contactor assembly board rev 0-1
    SCR-CC-H Commutate cap board HIGHV rev 1-1
    SCR-CC-L Commutate cap board LOWV rev 1-1
    SC-REPEATER Bus repeater board
    SC-REPEATER-CC Bus repeater car call w/ IS
    SCR-LGA PCBA IMC-SRC advanced logic
    SCR-LGD SCR logic display board
    SCR-PRI-EE SCR power relay embedded/enhanced
    SCR-PRI-EE-A SCR power relay interface BD Australia
    SCR-PS Power supply board rev 1-2
    SCR-RI SCR relay interface board rev 1-3
    SCR-RIX SCR relay interface board PERFORMA
    SCR-SN Snubber high V board rev 2-0
    SC-SB2K Relay board main A17.1 traction
    SC-SB2K-H Relay board main A17.1 Hydro
    SMARTRAQ-OVP-KIT SMARTRAQ over-voltage upgrade kit
    SP-CGP4 Swing panel 4 port 232
    SP-CGP4-2K Swing panel 4 port A17.1-00/B44-00
    SP-CGP4-MP2 Swing panel 4 port 232 with MP2
    SP-DF Swing panel/distance feedback
    SP-EHLOC Swing panel/enhanced/local/MCE
    SP-EHLOC-1S Swing panel/enhanced/local/MCE/ with MC-CPA-1S
    SP-EHLOC-4S Swing panel/enhanced/local/MCE with MC-CPA-4S
    SP-GPM3-CGP4 Swing panel/M3 group/MCE
    SP-GPM3-CGP4-MP2 Swing panel/M3 group 4 port with MP2
    SP-GPM3-CGP8 Swing panel/M3 group/MCE
    SP-GROUP-M3 Swing panel/M3 group/MCE
    SP-IMC-AC Swing panel IMC-AC
    SP-IMC-CGP4 Swing panel IMC car 4 port 232
    SP-IMC-CGP4-2K Swing panel IMC car 4 port A17.1-00/B44-00
    SP-IMC-CGP4-MP2 Swing panel IMC car 4 port 232 with MP2
    SP-IMC-CGP8 Swing panel IMC car 8 Port 232
    SP-IMC-S Swing panel IMC-SCR
    SP-IMC-S-2K Swing panel IMC-MG A17.1-00/B44-00
    SP-LOCAL Swing panel/local/MCE

  • T to V
    TAPS-VF Control board, TAPS
    TRICON-HHU Tricon hand held unit
    TRICON-HHU-NYCH Tricon hand held unit NYCHA
    T-ACC Access board
    T-BMS BMS interface board
    T-CEMCCE Driver board, heavy duty
    T-CPU CPU board
    T-DIODE-INT Relay to limit board fiode
    T-GATEWAY Gateway board
    T-IO24D I/O 24 board
    T-Limit Limit board, non 2K Tricon
    T-Limit-2K Limit board, 2K Tricon
    T-LON-FILTER Filter board for IO24D
    T-MOD MOD door operator interface board, Tricon
    T-MOMMOM Door operator interface board, Tricon
    T-PW5 PW5 serial interconnect board
    T-RB4-HS Relay board
    T-RBH-HS Relay board, NYCHA
    T-TB4-SAF Relay board with safety relays
    T-TERM-F F terminal board
    T-TERM-L L terminal board
    T-TERM-O O terminal board
    TC-MPI Motion processor board, Motion 4000
    TLS-1 Hoistway switch, TLS
    TLS-2 Cartop switch, TLS
    TLSC-4-SW-MOD 4 magnetic limit switch module
    TLS-C-12 12 switch, cartop limit switch
    TLS-C-16 16 switch, cartop limit switch
    VS-1A-H Prox switch with hardware field replacement
    VS-1L Proximity switch LS-QUIK
    VVC-1-PG Drive pattern generator rev 3
    VVC-2-G Drive/geared/gearless (Tach FB)

  • Harmonic SmarTraq
    • LS-STAN
    • LS-QUTE
    • iLand landing system
    • Pedestal
    • iControl AC with machine control and regenerative drives
    • iControl iLink cartop box
    • Motion 4000 controller
    • Motion 4000 cartop box with EMCO rope tension load weigher
    • Tricon AC controller
    • IntellaNet AC controller
    • IntellaNet cartop box
    • Tricon cartop/inspection station
    • Lower entry cabinet 12” x 12” x 4” (31 x 31 x 10 cm)
    • IMC-Performa DC controller with MCE 12-Pulse SCR drive
    • iControl iLink cartop box
    • iControl DC controller with MCE 12-Pulse SCR drive
      sensor head
    • Motion 2000 hydraulic control
    • VVMC-1000-PTC-SCR
    • DC controller
    • HMC-1000 hydraulic control
    • HMC-1000-PHC hydraulic control
    • VVMC-1000 motor/generator controller
    • VVMC-1000-PTC motor/generator controller
    • Main upper entry cabinet 24” x 18” x 8” (61 x 46 x 20 cm)
    • Drive cabinet (if used) 24” x 12” x 12” (61 x 31 x 31 cm)
    • Main cabinet (top view) controls, standard programmer, and inspection control plug
    • Inspection control
    • Sensor and mount
    • iLand C (compact)
    • LS-QUIK
    • LS-QUAD-2
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