About Canton

About Canton

The experienced staff of Canton Elevator blends unique specializations in applied engineering, manufacturing, field installation, modernization and preventative maintenance. This gives Canton Elevator a leading edge in a rapidly-evolving hydraulic elevator industry. Our expertise ultimately benefits our customers in the form of expedited projects and money saved.

Over the years, Canton Elevator, Inc. has been recognized as a holeless elevator pioneer with models available to suit every holeless need.

  • The economical, dual single-stage design utilizes a standard hoistway size.

  • The single and multi-stage cantilever design can accommodate low to mid-rise requirements and can serve front and side openings.

  • Mid to high-rise roped hydraulic elevators have become very popular. The roped hydraulic design allows travel over one hundred feet without a well hole and without exerting loads on the upper structure of the building.

You’ll find our extensive involvement in holed and holeless technology development invaluable for your passenger and freight jobs as well as modernizations.

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