Destination Based Dispatching

Destination Based Dispatching

Greater efficiency with less passenger stress in high traffic conditions

MCE, the market leader in nonproprietary elevator controls, provides a scale-to-fit destination based dispatching system precisely suited to your buildings unique requirements. The MCE system features touch screens for call registration and car assignment allowing the maximum degree of panel customization. Our system is completely scalable; you may start with lobby boost alone and proceed through a mixed traditional and destination based implementation on to full destination based dispatching on all floors. Choose just the system you want. If you choose to expand later, the MCE implementation allows seamless, easy addition or change to your initial installation.

MCE touch-screen technology provides highly visible, on-screen operating panels and allows unique customer options to be easily implemented. After a destination selection is entered, the screen displays a map for easy elevator location. Entry screens can switch to conventional up/down button entry for conventional operation on a timed or user input basis.

Traffic handling benefits

Traditional dispatching results in a high mix of destinations per car, requiring more stops and taking more time. Destination dispatching results in a low mix of destinations per car, requiring fewer stops and taking far less time.

ADA compliance

Activation of the Accessibility Function button enables a speaker that verbally requests the button be pressed and held until the desired floor is called out. When the correct floor is called and the button released, the speaker announces the car designation and provides directions. A unique tone is also played.

The assigned elevator annunciator repeats the unique tone to further assist car location. Arriving car annunciators announce the car label and floors serviced. Passenger boarding time is extended.

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