Door Operator Motors

6.1 inch diameter PM 4.0 inch diameter PM

3.25 inch diameter PM                              MC 137 Gearmotor

Light duty, self-contained worm gear drive with motor and gearbox. Imperial door operator motors are designed to replace existing motors on a wide range of door operators from various manufacturers. These motors offer heavy-duty construction and superior quality, employing hardened steel and bronze gearing, lifetime lubrication bearings, and Viton output seals. (For Frames 2.0 - 6.1 in. Diameter gear drive with motor/gearbox and PM motors)

Replacement motors for:  

  • Courion  
  • Dover  
  • ECI  
  • GAL  
  • Haughton 
  • Otis 


  • Drip-proof enclosure  
  • 600–1,800 rpm  
  • Single and two bearing designs  
  • Encoder and encoder mounting options  
  • Hot rolled steel shafts 
  • UL/CSA CUS Certified 


  • Elevator Door operator 
  • Flange mounted 
  • Foot mounted 
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