Elevator Parts and Accessories

Elevator Parts and Accessories

With over 100 years of experience, Imperial Electric Elevator continues to provide the best quality of services to keep our customers satisfied. With this, we offer a broad collection of elevator motor and machine supplies – including a range of individual parts and accessories.

  • Industrial Encoders

    Our AC Hoist motors are available with an Imperial Electric encoder. This provides an extra feature to make the elevator package easier to assemble and install in the field.  


    • Shaft Mounted  
    • 1024 PPR  
    • Positive D-Sub 9 pin Male connector  
    • Optional 35, 50, 75 feet cables available  
    • 1.000” Shaft Size  
    • Temperature: -4º to 158ºF (-20º to 70ºC)  
    • Output Channels: A+, B+, O+, and Compliments  
    • 5-30 Volt DC Supply Voltage  
    • Encoder Protective Guard 
    • 0850915 Replaces 0850466 and 0850354 

    Electrical Specifications: 

    • Supply Voltage: 4.75-30VDC  
    • Current consumption: 40 mA Max.  
    • Output Circuit: Push-Pull  
    • Impulse Frequency: 300 kHz (max.)  
    • Logic level (high): Vcc-.7Volt  
    • Logic level (low): 0.25 Volt (max.)  
    • Pulses per revolution: 1024  
    • Output Signals: A+B+0+Compliments 
    • Output Connector: D-Sub 9 pin 

    Mechanical Specifications: 

    • Speed: 6000 RPM max.  
    • Protection: IP65  
    • Temperature: -20C to +70C (-4F to +158F) 

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  • Submersibles

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    More information coming soon

  • Encoder Cables

    More information coming soon!

  • Flexible Couplings and Adapters

    Imperial Electric offers flexible couplings and adapters with its heavy-duty line of AC & DC Elevator Duty Motors for geared traction machines. The couplings and adapters are also available for both flange and foot-mount machines manufactured by companies such as Armor, Dover, Gurney, Montgomery, Otis, Schindler-Haughton, Serge, and Westinghouse. Other couplings are available upon request.  

    The three-part coupling consists of a drum-mount flange, polyurethane disc, and a motor adapter plate for flange motors. When assembled and properly installed, the poly disc reduces vibration and noise carry-through to the car due to any misalignment. End thrusting of motor shafts and overloading of bearings are also reduced.  

    Flexible couplings are also available in kit form for field modifications. The couplings with Taper-Lock™ fittings have flange bolt patterns that are identical to the rigid couplings they replace, which allows for quick motor replacement.

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